Fire in the Sky

Fireball 5

More meteor scribblings in the sky? Strange glowing cloud spotted in sky above Siberia

© Biysk
A strange-shaped cloud materialised in the early morning sky above Siberia just minutes after the launch of a rocket sending satellites into space. Glowing orange as it was touched by the rays of the rising sun, it cast a ghostly spectre against the clear winter sky.

For a while it was unclear what had caused the trails of vapour over the southern Altai region, with many even speculating about the possibility of UFOs.

Comment: It's a meteor trail. We've seen and recorded dozens of them over the last decade:

Incoming! Meteor or Comet Fragment Explodes Above Southwestern US, Prompting US Army 'Missiles' Cover-up

The prevailing view, as always, is that this is "nothing out of the ordinary, just the military wasting your money..." - daft opinion from nameless, ignorant 'experts' who unconsciously buttress the status quo rather than encourage awareness about our planet being a shooting gallery for cosmic bodies. The planet seems to especially attract such cosmic attention in times of compounding human corruption. Check out our recently published Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection.

Fireball 3

Fireball seen shooting across the sky over Colorado

A possible fireball was seen west of Colorado Springs above Mountain Shadows around 5 p.m. Tuesday. The picture was sent to News5 by viewer, Lisa.

Meteorologist Stephen Bowers said it's likely a meteor. He said, "There are reports of this being seen around Denver, too.

It's actually under review by the American Meteor Society to see if it can be classified as a fireball."

Stephen tells us the Geminids meteor shower hit its peak last weekend, but we could still see some meteors linger. The Geminids is one of the more active meteor showers each year, known for slow-moving, bright meteors.


Meteor fireball photographed breaking apart over Leicestershire, 11 December 2014

© Sam Green
Sky watcher Sam Green thought he'd struck gold when he captured this incredible image of what looks like meteors speeding towards Earth.

The 27-year-old builder, from Countesthorpe, was doing a job for his boss in Kibworth when he spotted mysterious goings on high in the clear, blue sky.

He said: "Where we were is on a flight path and you often get planes and helicopters flying over from Leicester Airport, which are interesting to look at and my camera is never far away from me.

"There was this brilliant, clear blue sky on Thursday and it was about 2pm when I happened to look up and noticed these two peculiar objects with vapour trails.

"They were close together and looked like they were falling straight down.

"When I looked away and looked back they were gone. I thought 'that's strange'.

"But about half an hour later, I looked again and saw four of them, so I thought 'right, I'm going to take a picture' and grabbed my camera."

Comment: The astronomer is clueless about meteors. It's pretty clear to us that a larger object broke up. What's doubly interesting is that meteor(s) passed that way "half an hour earlier". We have noticed something similar happening before, where one meteor appeared to follow pretty much the exact same path not long afterwards.

It's mind-bending when one considers that the planet has surely moved on (both in space and on its own axis) by that point. So how does the 'follow-up meteor' know to track the same course as its predecessor? There is clearly much more to discover about meteor science. In the meantime, we face the disquieting fact that there have been a LOT more of meteors appearing the world over - even during daytime - in recent years.


Did a 1 ton meteorite hit on December 1st? Explorer says one-tonne meteorite is lying on bottom of lake in Russia's Karelia

© wikipedia
Did a one ton meteorite hit lake Vygozero on December 1st 2014?
A meteorite weighing about one tonne is lying buried deep in sand on the bottom of Lake Vygozero in Russia's northwestern republic of Karelia, Vadim Chernobrov, the leader of a team of researchers, said on Friday.
"A celestial body flew from the easterly direction, from a low population area at about 08:00 a.m. Moscow time on December 1. This meteorite was making practically no noise while falling and the most loud sound it produced was the sound of it hitting the ice," Chernobrov, who heads the Kosmopoisk (Space Research) association, told journalists, adding that this was the reason that so few people had witnessed its fall when it was still dark. "Divers managed to sense the object under sand on the lake's bottom."
Magnetic field distortion has been registered over the meteorite crater. Divers failed to lift the heavy object from the bottom because of thin ice. "All observable factors - the flight direction, whop, specific crater testifying to the velocity of the fall - all indicate that it was a meteorite," he said. "It is a unique case having no precedents in the history."

Comment: Don't expect this event to be reported in the mainstream media. The powers that be are not interested in people knowing about 1 ton rocks falling on planet earth, especially as people might want their rulers to do something about it instead of waging pointless wars of destruction. Remember the 'Mandate of Heaven'!

Fireball 2

SOTT Exclusive: Bright green fireball breaks up over southern Poland, 9 December 2014

One of the Polish Fireball Network's camera's captured this photograph of the meteor fireball
On the evening of Tuesday December 9th, people in southern Poland observed a meteor "of comparable brightness to the full Moon" burn up over southern Poland, according to Przemyslaw Zoladek, president of the Polish Fireball Network (PKiM).

Preliminary analysis suggests the bolide entered the atmosphere above Opava in northern Czech Republic. Observers also reported that the fireball was green in color and was visible low on the southern horizon. Observers in Lower Silesia (southwestern Poland) reported the object to be higher in the sky and looking much brighter still.

The fireball sighting was reported by observers to the Polish Fireball Network, whose own observer stations - 'PFN41 Twardogora', 'PFN38 Podgorzyn' and 'PFN40 Otwock' - also recorded the event. The fireball appears to have travelled relatively slowly. All-sky camera footage apparently shows numerous flares as the bolide entered the atmosphere - evidence of fragmentation of the space body.

Fireball 5

Bright, exploding fireball streaks across the sky over Northeast U.S.

© NASA/Bill Cooke via AMS
An image of the fireball from one of NASA’s fireball monitoring cameras. Mike Hankey from the American Meteor Society has annotated the image to point out the location of the fireball.
A bright fireball lit up the Northeast sky on Wednesday night as it streaked over southern Canada and upstate New York.

The fireball occurred at around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The American Meteor Society estimates that the fireball began over Ontario County in northwest New York and traveled west-northwest over Canada before terminating southwest of Toronto.

"Many witnesses described an increasing intensity before it terminated," writes Mike Hankey of the American Meteor Society, "a common trait of bolide meteors." A bolide is a particularly bright meteor that explodes in a flash near the end of it's path.



Unexplained loud boom shakes Louisiana's Natchitoches Parish

A loud boom has Natchitoches Parish sheriff's deputies searching for a source. Authorities say the boom happened in south Natchitoches Parish just after 5:30 Sunday evening. The incident reportedly shook several residences.

Deputies checked the area searching for a source but so far, nothing has been found. Authorities say they also checked with Fort Polk officials and no military training operations were held at Peason Ridge Sunday.

Comment: There have been other reports of 'unexplained' booms lately: Mysterious explosions and loud bangs heard all over UK: Listen to the recording and learn to recognize an overhead explosion


Mysterious explosions and loud bangs heard all over UK: Listen to the recording and learn to recognize an overhead explosion

Last night, Britons from Aberdeen to Devon were left baffled by a series of mysterious explosions which shook windows and disturbed sleeping children.

Hundreds of Twitter users reported the sounds between around 9pm and 11pm last night, with many describing the noise as sounding like 'distant fireworks'.

But despite suggestions of RAF jets, meteors and aliens flooding the social media site today, no one has been able to explain what was heard. Even the MoD has said it is stumped.

Now a recording of the 'loud bangs', taken by a woman as she sat at home in Croydon, south London, might shed light on what is really behind the unexplained noise.

Some suggested that unusual weather conditions might be the source, but the Met Office today dismissed the claims.

Others on Twitter suggested that it could be traced back to controlled explosions or military exercises. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists took to social media to claim that aliens were to blame.

Claudia Angiletta said that she was watching TV at home when the unexplained sounds started.

She told MailOnline: 'I was just at home watching TV when I couldn't hear the program due to the loud noises. It was very distracting as it went on for ages.

Comment: It's true that there can be several possible explanation to the mysterious booms, but considering the evidence and constantly increasing number of meteorite sightings, we dare to speculate that this case has something to do with it as well.

Fireball 3

SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Long-duration meteor fireball filmed over Czech Republic, 26 November 2014

A spectacular meteor fireball was seen from across the Czech Republic early Wednesday morning. The fiery event was confirmed by 'experts' at the observatory in Hradec Králové, but they assumed what people were seeing was a man-made rocket or 'satellite junk' debris re-entering the atmosphere.

The object flew from west to east and was reported by hundreds of witnesses to local media. Pavel Najser from Štefánik Astronomical Observatory in Prague said they too received many reports of the event by phone and email. One reader wrote to media outlet
"This morning, at exactly 4:38am, I was standing at Barrandov bus stop and observing a huge burning ball in the sky for about a minute. It looked like a meteor and one could clearly see burning pieces falling off the object. It was accompanied by a strange sound, like a plane landing in the distance, screeching strongly."


Hundreds report mystery 'explosion' in Manchester

A mysterious explosion heard across parts of Manchester and Salford remains unexplained.

Hundreds of people took to social media to describe hearing a "loud bang" at about 22:30 GMT on Monday.

Firefighters were called after a report in the Weaste area of Salford but later admitted they could find no evidence of a fire, or any other disturbance.

Shinydan Howell posted on Twitter: "Everyone in Manchester ok? Loud bang in Salford could be anything."

Comment: Yet another overhead explosion to add to the list. People really should start paying attention and learn how to read the signs. Because the reality doesn't paint a pretty picture.