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Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 2

Multiple meteor fireballs seen across US Northeast


A "heat map" of fireball spottings over the New Jersey region last night.
If you saw a bright objects race across the sky between 9 p.m. and midnight yesterday, you're not alone.

Some took to the internet to post reports about fireballs passing overhead.

According to eyewitness reports on the American Meteor Society (AMS) website, the fireballs ranged from yellow and orange to green.

A fireball is another term for a very bright meteor, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS). AMS says "several thousand" fireballs occur each day, but they are rarely seen.

"The vast majority of these, however, occur over the oceans and uninhabited regions, and a good many are masked by daylight. Those that occur at night also stand little chance of being detected due to the relatively low numbers of persons out to notice them," a fireball FAQ from AMS notes.

Fireball 2

Second meteor fireball in two weeks streaks across Hong Kong sky

A ball of light was seen painting the Yuen Long bright green for a flash last night. The same mysterious light was seen zipping across Bangkok's night sky on Monday, with a celebrity fortune teller interpreting it as a sign that doomsday was coming.

Sorry to rain on your parade, Nostradamus 2.0, but those burning green fires were not foretelling future death and destruction. While their vibrancy fooled us into thinking they were some kind of silent Bonfire Night display, they are most likely fragments of a comet which has been disintegrating for the past 20,000-30,000 years. So you may have missed the boat on that one.

The "fireballs" are called Taurids, and occur around late October and early November every year, earning them the nickname of "Halloween fireballs". And here we were, losing our minds over regular old Halloween balls.

Surprisingly, a Taurid was also filmed in Yuen Long two weeks ago, ages before they're normally due to appear (what a keen bean). We're a tad disappointed that we didn't get to see them on HK island, but at least now we know where to be with our necks craned this time next year!

Fireball 5

NASA reveals radio telescope images of 'Spooky' asteroid that zipped past Earth on Halloween

© nasa.gov
Ready for a "Spooky" close-up? NASA is showing off high-res images of the 400-meter-wide (1,300 feet) asteroid that zipped past Earth on Halloween, revealing its eerie skull-like face.

Nicknamed "Spooky" for its skull-resembling shape, the asteroid - otherwise known by its NASA classification as 2015 TB145 - was flying 480,000 kilometers from Earth when it passed on October 31. It was impossible to see that far away, but now NASA pictures allow us to take a closer peek.

The agency used huge, Earth-based radio telescopes and antennas to capture the images. By bouncing radar signals off the asteroid, NASA created a detailed picture of Spooky's surface.

"The radar images of asteroid 2015 TB145 show portions of the surface not seen previously and reveal pronounced concavities, bright spots that might be boulders, and other complex features that could be ridges," said Lance Benner, who leads NASA's asteroid radar research program at its jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California.


Bright fireball reported over New Hampshire skies


Fireball (representative image)
Many News 9 viewers reported seeing a bright fireball streaking across the sky over the weekend. Meteorologist Josh Judge take a look at what might have caused it.


Huge meteor fireball lights up skies over Thailand

© youtube
A huge meteor fireball was observed over Thailand on November 2nd 2015 at approximately 20:39.

Comment: A couple of months ago a massive daytime meteor fireball was also witnessed in Thailand


Bright fireball lights up the sky over Bangkok

© Saran Pol / YouTube
A bright fireball lit up the night sky above Bangkok on Monday, as an objected suspected to be a meteor burnt up in the atmosphere over Thailand.

The flash could be seen in several parts of the country, including the capital, Thai media report. Dashcam videos published soon after the fireball hit the sky show the dark night turn into day for a few seconds.

According to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, it is suspected that the fireball was a small meteor that burnt up in the atmosphere at a high altitude.


Meteor smoke trail? Mysterious cloud formation seen floating over Yanqi Basin, China


The mysterious clouds were seen on the morning of Sunday above a barracks and last for about an hour
A mysterious cloud formation was spotted floating over northwest China's Yanqi Basin yesterday.

Residents in the area noticed the colourful cloud in the morning, describing it as a 'huge question mark hanging in the northern sky,' reports The People's Daily Online.

Pictures of the unusual phenomenon have sent the Chinese online community into overdrive with many speculating what the shadowy object could be.


Fireball seen over the Netherlands and Belgium

© Shutterstock
The Dutch Astroblogs reported that on Tuesday 27th October several observers in the Netherlands and Belgium saw a bright fireball in the sky at around 19:30 CET. Reports of this sighting were also posted on the 'fireball reports' page of the International Meteor Organization. According to observers, the duration of the fireball varied from 3.5 to 7.5 seconds, and the brightness varied greatly between -4m and -22m, the latter being brighter than the full moon, as Astroblogs' editor Arie Nouwen notes.

Marcel, one of the Dutch observers who was in Enschede at the time, said that the color of the fireball was white. The "falling star", as some call it, was also seen above the city Alkmaar. Where exactly the fireball in Belgium was seen was not specified.

Comment: See also: Fireball over Poland captured on video

Fireball 4

Fireball over Poland captured on video

The American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Association received over 60 reports so far about a fireball event over the Eastern Poland on Saturday, October 31st 2015 around 18:05UT. Observers from as far the Netherlands and Austria reported seeing a bright light in the sky. Below is a heat map of the witness reports.
© American Meteor Society
AMS Event#2824-2015 – Heatmap.
The preliminary estimated trajectory plotted from the witness reports shows the meteor was traveling from the SE-NW and ended its (visible) flight few miles east of the German Border.

Fireball 4

Fiery object that blazed across night sky in Rejang Lebong, Indonesia was meteor

The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) said on Tuesday that a fiery object that blazed across the night sky in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu was a meteorite.

"We strongly suspect that it was a meteorite," head of LAPAN Thomas Djamaluddin said as quoted by tribunnews.com.

When locals in the area reported the object, Thomas said that researchers at LAPAN said that it could have been falling space junk.

"But just like what happened in 2003, we found no indication that the object was man-made," he said.

Locals in Rejang Lebong reported on Monday sighting a fiery alien object that blazed across the night sky.

Others reported that they heard a loud bang and that some windows in local houses were shattered.

LAPAN said it would not immediately send a team to the area.

"We have not sent a team because it could have fallen into a forest. We don't know the exact location," Thomas said.