Fire in the Sky


Air France 447 crashed so quickly that passangers had no time to react

Air France flight 447 did not break up in the air but plunged vertically into the Atlantic Ocean, according to the French head investigator of last month's crash, which killed all 228 people on board.

Alain Bouillard said life vests found among the wreckage were not inflated, indicating the accident happened so quickly that the passengers had no time to react.

Speed sensors on the Airbus A330 flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris were not to blame, he said, though "we are far from understanding the cause of the crash".

"The plane seems to have hit the surface of the water on its flight trajectory with a strong vertical acceleration," he said, adding that investigators have found "neither traces of fire nor traces of explosives."

Mexico: Fireball bazes over Leon's sky, March 5, 2014

mexico fireball
© Milenio
The fireball seen over León, Mexico.
A fireball was seen over León at 7:02 p.m. A journalist working at Milenio took a picture.

The rock was seen traveling towards the West. It appeared suddenly and then faded away in the horizon, around the Jalisco border. It was described as a fireball with a yellow trail.

Comment: Asteroid 2014 DX110 was travelling between the Moon and the Earth on the same day. The original source in Spanish tells us that the fireball seen over León was asteroid DX110, an assumption that couldn't possibly be true. First of all, the asteroid didn't enter the atmosphere. Had it done so, the "fireball" would have been huge!

The more likely explanation is that this is simply another of the many fireballs seen in the recent times.

If it were to have anything to do with the asteroid, we could speculate that it was a space rock fragment on Earth, just as the many others. For example, last February asteroid 2012-DA14 was passing close to our planet when a fireball shook several towns in Santa Fe, Argentina and almost exaclty one year earlier, a huge fireball over Chelyabinsk caused widespread damage.


Mysterious blast lights up sky over Eastern Siberia

Moscow - An explosion of unclear origin illuminated the sky over eastern Siberia on Thursday morning, leaving frightened locals to speculate about an asteroid or malfunctioning rocketry, media reports said.

The blast, for which no official explanation has been offered, was witnessed by the population of the Kyrgydai village in Russia's Yakutia region, the news website said.

Two extremely grainy videos from surveillance cameras documenting the alleged blast - or at least a bright flash in the sky - are available on YouTube.

Reports said some debris apparently plummeted into the taiga after the explosion, but nothing had been recovered by the time of this article's publication.
Fireball 3

Fireball lights up New Mexico sky, 6 March 2014

Albuquerque - There was fire in the sky last night following by a huge boom. It happened last night about 11:45 and it was captured by the Lamy Observatory. The streak across the sky has been classified as a Meteor Fireball.

The classification is often determined by how bright it appears. In this case it was brighter than Venus and even the moon.
Fireball over New Mexico
© Screen Capture
People in Albuquerque's north valley tell KRQE News 13 it was so loud their houses shook. They wonder if the meteor actually crashed here but there's no evidence it did.
Fireball 2

Fireball explodes over Yellowknife, Canada - Witnesses say it 'turned night sky blue', 6 March 2014

© Yuichi Takasaka
I was leading Aurora Photography Tour in Yellowknife again this March tonight. We had quite colourful Auroras all night, all of sudden at 02:13 local time, one shooting star started from Western sky and exploded towards North. It got so bright that I had to close my eyes like someone used electric flash in front of me. A few minutes later, we could hear the huge explosion from the direction of the fireball fell. What an exciting night!!!

Montreal - A fireball exploded and lit up the skies over Yellowknife early Thursday morning, but was not believed to have caused any damage.

One expert compared it to a similar incident that took place over Montreal last November. An image of the explosion was posted on the website of It was captured by a photographer who was leading a tour of the Aurora Borealis.

The exploding meteor was described as being so bright that it turned the night sky blue. Peter Brown, a physics professor at Western University in London, Ont., viewed the photo of the bright fireball, which he calculated was less than one metre in size.

He told The Canadian Press the fact that there was an explosion meant the object had probably penetrated deep into the atmosphere.

But Brown said that he was almost certain the explosive force was too weak to cause any damage. He added that the view of an exploding fireball is something that people might only see once a year.

The Western University physics professor noted the meteor that exploded over the skies of Montreal in November 2013 created a thundering boom, but it also shook houses.

The two fireballs over Yellowknife and Montreal paled in comparison to what happened over Chelyabinsk, Russia just over a year ago. That's when a meteor estimated to be about 10 tons exploded over the Ural Mountains on Feb. 15, 2013 with the power of an atomic bomb. The sonic blasts from that fireball shattered windows and injured about 1,000 people.

Source: The Canadian Press
Fireball 3

Fireball over Mexico City?

Comment: Two different Youtube users published today videos of an alleged fireball. Interestingly, the planes flying at a close distance from it do not leave any contrails, while the luminous object does. Unfortunately, the quality of the footage is not high enough for us to be able to say with certainty whether it was a fireball or not.

© Manito Channel
"Adrian Gamer" published the following video (the phenomenon was observed by several school children at the same time. They speculate on it being a "rocket", then a "missile"):

Fireball 5

Spectacular meteor shone brightly over Kenya, then explodes; house burned

The Rift Valley in Kenya
While calm appears restored in most parts of the Rift Valley that were left shell-shocked on Thursday night following the explosion of an astronomical body, the identity of the phenomenon is still shrouded in mystery. The object shone bright in the dark sky before exploding.

People scampered for safety at the sight of the body and the subsequent explosion with reports of wailing and panic reported across the more than three counties where the astronomical body was seen. Facebook and other social network platforms were abuzz soon after the extraterrestrial incident.

The panic was felt from Kuresoi to Uasin Gishu and the areas in between while on the networks, people were making wild and educated guesses. Speculation was that the astronomical body was either a meteorite or a comet. "I saw it. It was big and spectacular," said Mike Kimani, a resident of Kericho. There were reports that the body left some destruction on its trail.

From LunarMeteoriteHunters website: Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
27FEB2014 Gerald Eldama Ravine, Kenya 20.10 pm Over 30 seconds not clear Loud explosions 10 times louder than thunder Super bright not clear Multiple witness reports. A super bright light that lasted for a span of 30 seconds was spotted in the sky at about 8:10pm today. It was later followed by a deafening bang around Torongo and Poror areas of Eldama Ravine. Many who did not manage to see the bright light though heard the sound believed it was an explosion. The light was seen by many as far as Marigat and Eldoret.

Comment: The last event mentioned happened in July, where two meteors hit and made impact with the ground in Kenya, two weeks apart. Heavenly Signs: Chronicle of a Busy Month (July 2011)


Massive meteor fireball reported over U.S. Northeast, 24 February 2014

AMS received 160 reports about this fireball seen over Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania and Virginia on February 25th 2014 around 02:12 (UTC).

A large and bright fireball was seen and reported by approx. 100 witnesses across Northern US East Coast (February 24th 2014, 9:11pm EST - February 25th 2014, 2:11pm UT).

The fireball was seen from primarily New Jersey but witnesses from Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virgina also reported seeing the fireball.
Fireball 5

Massive meteor fireball caught on police dashcam, seen from all nearly entire Eastern half of U.S., 27 February 2014

Photo of the fireball over America, Thursday night, 27 February 2014
Look, up in the sky! A bird? A plane? Superman? No, just a bright white fireball captured on video in a Madison police officer's squad car.

Comment: "Just" a bright white fireball?! Wow, talk about normalizing something that until last year was being described as "so rare it almost never happens"!

On a cold Wednesday night on the city's West Side, a veteran police officer saw something not normally seen when on patrol, Madison police said in a news release.

"The officer was parked near the Hy-Vee store at Westgate Mall when just before midnight, a large, bright white fireball pierced the cold night sky," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

"The object was moving extremely fast and would have without question struck the ground," the officer said in his report.

Comment: This gives you an idea how unusual this phenomenon is: it's not generally known that most fireballs do not in fact impact the ground.

A fellow officer driving on Old Sauk Road also saw the same "long fire trail," the release said.

Comment: It appears that the police officer witnessed the same massive fireball seen over the entire Eastern half of the U.S. on Thursday night. Although it can seem like these things impact nearby, they're actually burning up and breaking apart so high up in the atmosphere (most of the time!) that it's very difficult to tell what state you'll find meteorites in, let alone the next town over.

Fireball 5

Meteor seen across Italy and Southern France, February 22, 2014

Meteor seen in Italy (shortly before?), and shared in Twitter
Translated by

Just as reported by Mlactu yesterday evening, a meteor blazed across the sky in Southern France on Saturday, February 22nd, at around 8pm. It was seen in Corsica, the in Bouches-du Rhôme (Marseille, Fréjus, Fos-sur-Mer and even in Aix-en-Provence), in the Hérault region (near Béziers) and also in the Alpes-Maritimes (Nice) and in Ardèche, after having been observed in Italy. Several witnesses share today their reports leaving comments on, confirming the sighting. Do not hesitate to do the same! Several readers wish to know what happened to the meteor they saw or heard about. Please know that Mlactu is doing its best to provide a serious and precise explanation as soon as possible.
"Seen directly from the Bastia Stadium, it was a beautiful image," says Guidicelli on "It lasted for five seconds. It was rather large, with a yellow, red and green trail. It suddenly disappeared behind the stadium's tribune, South of the Armand Cesari Stadium".

"I thought I was crazy, nobody believed me", explains Benazeraf. I imagined it was a white shooting star but it was too big and too long for that! A white light with an orange trail, and it traveled across the sky for at least five seconds before I stopped being able to see it because of a tree that cloaked my view !"

"That's reassuring, I thought I was crazy too", adds Jenny Liegeois. "I saw it in Arcs sur Argens, a great orange fireball descending at a very high speed."