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'White Widow' - The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy

Remember the so-called "white widow" who grabbed the headlines over a protracted period last year for her alleged leadership of the attack on Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya? Samantha Lewthwaite first rose to 'fame' as the alleged 'wife' of alleged London '7/7' tube bomber, Germaine Lindsay, and since has been a veritable rising star in the phony world of Islamic terrorism, particularly in Africa. As with so many other supposed 'Muslim terror leaders', the story of Lewthwaite appears to be one large fantasy that reveals disturbing insights into how British, Israeli and US intelligence agencies run the bogus 'war on terror' from behind the scenes.

This excellent documentary by Jon Ryman brings together the most important details surrounding this most unlikely of 'Muslim terror chiefs'.

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"A man of many perversions" - Federal cybersecurity head convicted of child porn charges

© Omaha Police Department
Sick: Timothy DeFoggi, a former acting director of cyber security for the U.S. Department of health and Human services, was convicted Tuesday on federal charges of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise and distribute child pornography, and accessing a computer with intent to view child pornography.
The following story is a warning as to why centralized power is so dangerous. It doesn't matter whether the power is political or corporate, overly centralized power in all forms must be resisted whenever it appears.

The worst of all worlds is when centralized political and corporate power unite in an unholy alliance, which is what has happened to America in recent decades.

When this occurs, the combined forces of oligarchy simply begin to rapaciously feast on the citizenry with zero accountability. This is a fair description of the United States in 2014.

The primary problem with centralized power is that sociopaths (for obvious reasons) gravitate toward, and greatly covet, positions of power.

Once entrenched in such positions, they are able to act upon their perversions with general immunity, and if they are caught, are often left in positions of power by others who at that point "own them" via blackmail.

This of course is nothing new, it is how the game of power, politics and economics has been played since the beginning of time. It is also why decentralization of power is the natural evolution we as a species must embrace in order to build a better world.

Enter Timothy DeFoggi, the one-time cybersecurity director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who received several awards for his government "service" over the years.

The self-proclaimed man of "many perversions," frequented a child porn site called PedoBook where he "exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers."

EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger says Ukraine may steal Russian transit gas in winter, threatening EU's gas supply

© ITAR-TASS/Vitaly Grabar
EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger insists on solving the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible, as during the winter season Ukraine can steal gas that will be pumped to Europe, Oettinger told German TV Channel ARD in an interview Thursday.

"During a long and cold winter Ukraine will lack gas, and if the country does not have enough own gas - the danger of gas being stolen arises, the danger of the gas being lost on its way from the East to the West arises," he said.

"It is essential we prevent further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict."

In a separate interview he said the EU is getting for a possible worsening of the gas raw, and working on scenarios for all cases. He said he does not expect Russia or Ukraine to switch the gas off, but the possibility of this happening is not zero.

Comment: Oettinger is right to be worried. Russia supplies a large part of the EU's energy needs. If the Russian gas flow is disrupted, the EU will be in for a very cold winter. Yet, the EU's leaders continue to shoot themselves in the foot by engaging in a trade war with Russia upon order from America.

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Ukrainian artillery shelling kills 11 people, destroys school in Donetsk

© Itar-Tass/EPA/Sergei Ilnitsky
A house destroyed in shelling of Donetsk
At least 11 have been killed in shelling of the Donetsk city in the east of the country by Ukrainian troops, the city residents said on Thursday. Ten people were killed in a culture centre fire as a result of shell explosion. A repair worker of Ukraine's DTEK energy holding was also killed in the shelling.

The city's regional clinical hospital was grossly damaged by fire from the Grad multiple rocket launch system late on Wednesday. The number of casualties is being ascertained.

Comment: Just like Israel: Kiev shells city of Donetsk yet again, targets schools and apartment buildings


Is the EU finally seeing sense? Germany making moves to keep 'warm' relations with Russia amid NATO warmongering

© AFP Photo / Kirill Kudryavtsev
(L-R) Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht pose on the sideline of a summit in Belarus' capital of Minsk on August 26, 2014.
The road to the Minsk summit this past Tuesday began to be paved when German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked to ARD public TV after her brief visit to Kiev on Saturday.

Merkel emphasized, "A solution must be found to the Ukraine crisis that does not hurt Russia."

She added that "There must be dialogue. There can only be a political solution. There won't be a military solution to this conflict."

Merkel talked about "decentralization" of Ukraine, a definitive deal on gas prices, Ukraine-Russia trade, and even hinted Ukraine is free to join the Russia-promoted Eurasian Union (the EU would never make a "huge conflict" out of it). Exit sanctions; enter sound proposals.

She could not have been more explicit; "We [Germany] want to have good trade relations with Russia as well. We want reasonable relations with Russia. We are depending on one another and there are so many other conflicts in the world where we should work together, so I hope we can make progress".

Comment: It is possible that EU leaders are actually beginning to understand that Washington has gone stark raving mad. The "Empire of Chaos", as Pepe accurately labels it, is in an absolute frenzy to either retain global hegemony or take us all down along with it.


Information war at its worst! Russian armored columns 'said' to capture key Ukrainian town

Comment: The Washington Post presstitutes must think that their audience is truly stupid if they attempt to sell a "Russian invasion" out of thin air. Or they are themselves THAT stupid and they actually believe what their puppet-masters tell them to print, despite all the evidence:

OSCE repeats: 'There are no Russian troops or military equipment in Ukraine' - Poroshenko's telling porkies

nato's pics

These are NATO's satellite images "proving" the "Russian invasion". See them Russians down there? Wave and say, привет!
Russian forces in two armored columns captured a key southeastern coastal town near the Russian border Thursday after Ukrainian forces retreated in the face of superior firepower, a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

The two Russian columns, including tanks and armored fighting vehicles, entered the town of Novoazovsk on the Sea of Azov after a battle in which Ukrainian army positions came under fire from Grad rockets launched from Russian territory, according to the spokesman, Col. Andriy Lysenko.

"Our border servicemen and guardsmen retreated as they did not have heavy equipment," Lysenko said in a statement.

Comment: And on and on and on they go fabricating lies all the way. So we repeat:

OSCE repeats: 'There are no Russian troops or military equipment in Ukraine' - Poroshenko's telling porkies

and add:

Lavrov's on a roll: Tells Daily Telegraph Russia ready to protect its legitimate interests

while Putin acts like a gentleman: "We're not going to block U.S. military transit"

and the US/NATO/EU-backed Kiev forces continue the genocide of ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

Oh, and if Russia was to invade Ukraine, they wouldn't need satellite images or all these wasted wording to convince us; they'd know and they'd be running towards their private jets.

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Permission To Steal Everything: Why Ukraine won't allow the Russian aid convoy to cross the border

There is a convoy of 280 gleaming white trucks moving through Russia toward Ukraine loaded with humanitarian aid for the populations of Donetsk and Lugansk. This isn't much, considering that well over a million people have been cut off from food, water, electricity and (soon) heat because of indiscriminate artillery bombardment by the Ukrainian military. But it's a start. But it seems like a rocky start; first, NATO's mouthpiece Rasmussen tries to characterize this humanitarian mission as a clandestine invasion. Then the Ukrainians start imposing various conditions. Let's consider these separately.

When was the last time Russia, or, for that matter, USSR, mount a clandestine invasion? If you said "Crimea," then you need to understand that:
1. Russian troops have been in Crimea continuously for the past 231 years;
2. they were there under an international treaty; and
3. their troop levels never exceeded the levels this treaty stipulates.
If Russia wanted to invade Ukraine, it simply would. The Ukrainian troops would surrender or run away, but then what? Nobody has an answer to that question, not even the Russians. Aid - yes, invasion - no thanks. The policy of letting Ukraine "stew in its own juices until the meat falls off the bone" (as I put it back in mid-March) is working quite well, with the added bonus that the EU and the US are now at each others' throats over their self-imposed sanctions. But it will take time, and this means that the population of Novorossiya, where Donetsk and Lugansk are located, and which ended up as part of Ukraine thanks to Lenin, has to be fed and heated through the next winter. Hence the humanitarian mission, which will be, if all goes well, the first of many.

Puppet Poroshenko signs decree banning exports of military, dual-use items to Russia

© ITAR-TASS/Mikhail Palinchak
Ukrainian Puppet President Petro Poroshenko
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree banning export of military and dual-use items to Russia.

Poroshenko's decree enforced the National Security and Defense Council's decision of August 27 to stop sending to Russia military and other items that may be used by the armed forces. The only exemption was granted to equipment used for research and peaceful purposes as part of international space projects.

Deeper prohibition now targets exports of dual-use items such as helicopter engines, allowed until now in a previous order from then Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov before Poroshenko came to power.

Poroshenko's move lags a week behind plans already announced by Russia's Industry and Trade Ministry that domestically manufactured defense equipment will now replace military items previously supplied by Ukraine.

Comment: This is a laughable decree because a) it is announced a week after Russia already stopped its side of the trade; b) being far technologically superior, there's no military equipment manufactured in Ukraine that Russia can't easily source domestically. Engaging in a trade war with Russia only destroys Ukraine's economy as this one sector already accounts for 8.2% of its GDP.

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Iran to send troops to Iraq if IS threatens Shiite shrines - Iranian interior minister

© AP Photo/ Anjum Naveed
Iran is ready to send troops if the Islamic State (IS) Sunni extremist group damages the Iraqi cities of Najaf and Karbala, which are considered sacred by Shiite Muslims, Iran’s Entekhab online newspaper reported Thursday, citing the country’s interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.
Iran is ready to send troops if the Islamic State (IS) Sunni extremist group damages the Iraqi cities of Najaf and Karbala, which are considered sacred by Shiite Muslims, Iran's Entekhab online newspaper reported Thursday, citing the country's interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.

"President Hassan Rouhani said at a meeting with the government that Iran would deploy elite troops if there is a real threat of the IS approaching these cities [Najaf and Kerbela], in order to protect them. The intervention will be entirely coordinated with the Iraqis and aimed at liquidating the IS," Fazli was quoted as saying by Entekhab.

Iranian forces are currently carrying out special drills involving aircraft and drones in case they are needed in Iraq, Entekhab reported.

Comment: For more information on the IS, see: Dr. Frankenstein's ISIS: Made in Washington, Riyadh - and Tel Aviv


Feeling the pinch: Canadian food exporters to lose more than $600 million from Russian counter-sanctions

© EPA/Brendon Dlouhy
A beef cow in Canada
Canadian food exporters to Russia will lose this year more than $600 million due to the restrictions on the imports of agrarian produce, introduced by the Russian government, agriculture adviser at the Russian embassy in Ottawa Sergei Strokov said on Wednesday.

"Based on the available information, in the meat exports alone the losses will amount to $600 million, and if we take into account seafood, this figure will be higher," he told ITAR-TASS. On August 7, in response to sanctions the West imposed on Russia over its stance on the developments in Ukraine, Moscow fully banned the imports of beef, pork, fruit and vegetables, poultry meat, fish, cheeses, milk and dairy products from the European Union countries, from Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States.

Comment: Russia is implementing a brilliant strategy in response to the attacks waged by the West. For more information concerning the long-term benefits of a healthy Russia and its multi-polar goals, and why the West is stumbling all over themselves to try and start a new Cold War, check out:

Washington's nightmare comes true as the Russian-Chinese partnership goes global

Western propaganda exposed as Russian convoy 'invades' Ukraine with humanitarian aid