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Is Turkey invading Syria?

After Monday's tragic terrorist attack in the Turkish town of Suruc, just across from the Syrian border and kilometers away from ISIS-controlled Kobani, which left dozens dead in what authorities claim was due to an ISIS-linked 20 year old suicide bomber, hostilities have dramatically escalated in the past few days culminating with news that one Turkish soldier killed and one was wounded in border province of Kilis by gunfire from Syria, according to state-run Anadolu Agency reports.

According to the Guardian, "one Turkish solider has been killed and another wounded in clashes with Islamic State across the Syrian border, a senior Turkish official said. The clashes continued as the Turkish army returned fire on the militants in Syria. Earlier, a Turkish police officer was shot and killed and a second wounded in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir. Violence along Turkey's 560-mile (900km) border with Syria has spiked in recent days, beginning with a suicide bombing blamed on Isis in the town of Suruç on Monday. The Diyarbakir shooting came a day after two police officers were killed in an attack in Ceylanpinar on the Syrian border claimed by militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)"

Comment: Turkey has been waiting to invade Syria for some time. Elements of the Turkish power structure have long been at the center of NATO's "Terrorists Inc." and have been eager to take down the biggest contenders in the region. It's a lawless world, thanks to Washington. Check out:

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Report reveals CIA used Macau casinos to blackmail Chinese officials

© Tyrone Siu / Reuters
The Venetian Macao resort and casino
US intelligence may have used Macau casinos owned by an American tycoon to set a trap for Chinese functionaries who gamble with public money,in order to blackmail and recruit them.

The "highly confidential" report on the gambling industry exposing the possible CIA operation in Macau, was prepared by a private investigator in 2010 and remained secret until it was uncovered by the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California, Berkeley, the Guardian reports.

The document dated June 25, 2010, was presented by Sands China Limited, the Macau branch of the gambling empire of Las Vegas tycoon Sheldon Adelson, as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by Steven Jacobs, former head of Sands Macau casinos, who is suing the company for wrongful dismissal. The civil action hearing is being held at a Las Vegas court.

Comment: This is how Washington's 'game' works against individuals, groups, and countries. Those with power use blackmail, toxic promises, and economic warfare to vector their opponents:


Radio 'Liberty': "UAF shelling Donetsk in response to rebels shelling Donetsk"

Just let that headline sink in.

Here is the actual language: "The ATO* spokesmen [Major General Taran and colonel Sergei Galushko] have presented proof that Donetsk is being shelled by the rebels themselves, in order to provoke return fire from the UAF forces, and then blame them for shelling Donetsk." SOURCE

Saved screenshot in case they take it down.
So, here is the reality as presented by "Voice of Langley" in East Europe:

The rebels start randomly shelling their own families in Donetsk. UAF see it, get "provoked" by somebody else doing their job, and start indiscriminately shelling Donetsk as well.

Now we just wait for John Kirby and Co. to start parroting these claims...

Comment: Western media cannot tell the truth; they're simply not allowed, and don't care one way of the other anyway. And this is the lengths they will go: spouting complete absurdities. So, Donetsk shells civilians, and Kiev also shells civilians, but in retaliation? It simply doesn't make sense. But very little sense comes out of the Ukrainian and American governments these days. For example: More Congressional theater? Samantha Power's feet held to the fire over roots of Ukrainian crisis, commits felony by lying to Congress

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The BRICS and the SCO have made the US and NATO irrelevant

The dual summits that took place in Russia's Ufa beginning 9 July were anything but routine. In fact it may be seen by future historians as a signal event that marked the definitive decline of the global hegemony of European civilization including North America. This is no small event in human history. It's the most significant shift in relative global economic relations since the Fourth Crusade in 1204 when the Republic of Venice emerged as a world power following their brutal, disgraceful capture and sacking of Constantinople, marking the demise of the Byzantine Empire.

First a look at what transpired. Russia was host to two overlapping summits of emerging alternative organizations, the annual meeting of the BRICS nations as well as the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The larger significance has been all but entirely blacked out by western mainstream media such as the New York Times.

First we look at the results from the BRICS meeting where Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are the five member states. The BRICS formally put their New Development Bank (NDB) into operation. It has world headquarters in Shanghai, China's banking and financial center with a branch in South Africa to serve the African region.
It is explicitly operating as an alternative to the post-1945 domination of the IMF and World Bank, the heart of Washington's Dollar System. It has member contributions of $50 billion for infrastructure projects mainly, but not exclusively, in the BRICS states. As well it has created a $100 billion financial defense fund, a so-called Contingent Reserves Arrangement, in event of speculative attacks such as were launched by Washington with the Soros Quantum Fund in 1997 to destroy the independent Asian Tiger economies.

The NDB bank is in business one year after the last BRICS summit agreed to its creation, and the meeting announced that first approved infrastructure projects will begin at the beginning of 2016. That's an impressive testament to the mutual will to create an alternative to the IMF and World Bank, both of the latter controlled by Washington where they are headquartered. Notably BRICS agreed for the first time to institute formal cooperation with the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

As well they agreed to meet the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) - Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Comment: Russia and China have shown what can be accomplished when real adults sit down to solve their problems. The corruption of the West is slowly crumbling before it.


Berlusconi dreaming: 'I'll be minister for my friend Putin'

© Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti / Kremlin / RIA Novosti
Vladimir Putin (L) and Silvio Berlusconi.
The former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has allegedly been offered a position in the Russian Economy Ministry, and Russian citizenship by President Putin, Italian media reported.

La Stampa newspaper quoted the ex-premier as saying, "My future? Becoming minister for my friend Putin."

"Think about it: in Italy I am marginalized, while Putin tells me he is ready to give me [Russian] citizenship and get me the lead of the Russian Economy Ministry," the controversial politician added.

Berlusconi reportedly said it during a dinner with the 'Forza Italia' ('Forward Italy') political party.

Comment: Slippery Silvio must be overestimating his friendship with Putin. Based on the comments by Peskov, it's rather obvious that Putin said something to the effect of "you can work for me!" to Berlusconi when he was lamenting his ousting from Italian politics due to his criminality. Berlusconi, ever the showman and raging narcissist, could not help repeating it and peddling it as a real offer in an effort to prop up his badly damaged reputation.

Heart - Black

Spies, Lords and Predators: Australian 60 minutes program exposes British political child rapists

Australian investigative TV program 60 minutes recently aired a program that exposes the fact that high level British politicians, government ministers, intelligence, police and military chiefs have all been involved in decades-long, systematic sexual abuse, rape and murder of hundreds or perhaps thousands of children as young as 8 years old.

This is not a case of a 'few bad apples' but rather a pervasive culture among the British 'elite' where the bodies, hearts, minds and souls of young children are effectively 'consumed' by individuals in positions of almost absolute power. In addition, the crimes of these vicious predators have been deliberately covered up through the use of blackmail and death threats.

No one should be under any illusion that the alleged 'investigation' being conducted by the British government will reveal the real truth or see justice served, because this is merely a case of the guilty investigating themselves.

30 min video:


Finally fed up: Russian commission approves bill okaying reciprocal impounding of foreign state property in Russia

© Vladimir Pesnya / Ria Novosti
The governmental commission for legislation has approved a bill that if passed would allow Russia to impound property of foreign states, so long as Russian courts rule these countries are infringing the sovereignty of Russian jurisdiction.

According to business daily Kommersant, the government will shortly look into the draft and then it will be submitted to the parliament.

The current draft, developed by the Justice Ministry, would give Russian courts more powers to impound the property of foreign states. Currently such steps are only allowed on condition the government of the country in question agrees. The new rules would cancel this stipulation and introduce another - impounding would only be possible as a reciprocal measure after a court decides that a nation has damaged the economic or other interests of the Russian Federation.

The Justice Ministry said in comments that the main idea behind the bill was to ensure a "jurisdiction balance" between Russia and foreign states. "The number of lawsuits against the Russian Federation is constantly growing and this happens without asking for our agreement for participation in these processes," ministry sources told Kommersant. Therefore, recognizing the ruling of foreign courts is equal to conceding national sovereignty, they added.

In early July, mass media reported that several European countries, such as Belgium and France had frozen Russian state companies' assets and curtailed their agencies in these countries. The move was in connection with the June 2014 ruling by the International Court in The Hague that ordered Russia to pay compensation of $39.9 billion, $1.85 billion and $8.2 billion to three companies connected with Yukos. The oil giant was dissolved in 2007 after its top managers and key owners were jailed for tax evasion.

Comment: Unlike the West's approach the seizures would be used to compensate Russian citizens who are victims of Western governments grabbing property belonging to them.
  • Russian response to sanctions: Law drafted to enable seizure of foreign assets on Russian territory

Light Sabers

We'll take you down with us: U.S. fears isolation, keeps tight grip on Germany

© REUTERS/ Kevin Lamarque
US Marine Osprey sends up a big wash of rain as as it lands near the Bavarian town of Kruen, Germany, June 8, 2015
Germany, the largest and most industrialized economy in the EU, projected as a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations, is set to remain within the tight grip of the US, as Washington fears becoming isolated in the international arena amid the rise of the BRICS countries, according to a Russian Colonel General.

Germany, Europe's most industrialized and populous country, famed for its technological achievements, is prohibited from acquiring its own nuclear weapons. It renounced the nuclear option in the Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968.

However, it is among the nations with the dubious distinction of hosting US nuclear weapons, along with Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The removal of the US nuclear warheads from Germany is a long-term aim of the country's government. However, the weapons remain in place.

Comment: How's that Western 'freedom and democracy' working out for you, Germany?

Snakes in Suits

Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky to claim 'small sum' of $2 billion from Russia for Crimean property loss

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky.
The Ukrainian companies that have lost their property in Crimea after the Black Sea peninsula's reintegration into Russia may claim a total of $2 billion from Moscow, ex-Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region, billionaire businessman Igor Kolomoisky said on Wednesday.

The Ukrainian oligarch declined to comment in detail on the intention of PrivatBank, part of Kolomoisky's Privat Group empire, to file a relevant lawsuit against Russia to The Hague Tribunal.

"I don't want to comment on anything [on The Hague Tribunal]. I believe lawsuits from all various structures and not only from PrivatBank will total about $2 billion," he said in reply to a question put by a TASS correspondent.

Comment: This is what Kolomoisky is complaining about that occurred back in April:
Crimea's authorities said on Thursday the nationalized property of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky on the Black Sea peninsula will be sold in the coming three weeks.

"This month all the procedures will be carried out. A number of facilities already have their customers. That's why money will come in April-May. We are sure that the sum will be enough to settle accounts with creditors," the republic's head, Sergey Aksyonov, told reporters.

Last year Crimea's parliament, the State Council, nationalized the property of the 52-year-old businessman that includes over 100 items. The procedures to assess them have already been completed.

"The money will reach the treasury of the Republic of Crimea and will be later transferred to the Deposit Insurance Agency," Aksyonov said.

The nationalized property of Kolomoisky in Crimea includes several recreation centers, motor transport and telecommunications enterprises, a bakery, banks and nature parks.

The authorities have earlier launched similar measures to nationalize the Crimean property of other oligarchs - Rinat Akhmetov and Sergey Taruta - who own nature reserves, power networks and state residencies.

The chairman of Crimea's State Council, Vladimir Konstantinov, said the nationalization of this property is aimed at putting the historical record straight.

Until recently Kolomoisky, one of the richest men in Ukraine, was the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. In March, he was dismissed amid a scandal over funding of volunteer armed battalions.

Treasure Chest

Need more debt: EU launches € 315bn investment fund to boost Europe's economy

© Francois Lenoir
The European Commission has set up a €315 billion European Fund for Strategic Investments. It has the potential to add up to €440 billion to the EU's GDP and create over one million new jobs in the coming three years.

The Fund represents an Investment plan for Europe, which was unveiled by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker last year. It's supposed to make billions of euros available for investment projects throughout the 28-nation bloc, with a heavy emphasis on financing for infrastructure, small businesses, education, youth employment and telecoms.

"Investments is what the European Union is missing today, as the level of investments currently is 15 percent lower than in 2007," European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said in a press release Wednesday. He also expressed confidence that "the project is an important step for growth and employment in Europe."

Comment: Yup, that should fix Europe's problem, increase debt to fuel the stock market.