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Evidence the Scottish independence vote was rigged

Fat cat bankers and corporate psychos thank the Scottish people for making them a lot more money today. They also thank those who may have engaged in ballot fraud.
Voting for independence? From inside the corrupt system you want independence from? What could possibly go wrong?

It isn't as if leading up to this the Queen didn't get all freaked out (the official term is "bajiggity"), Cameron didn't make ridiculous teary-eyed speeches about how he would be heartbroken if they left and begging the Scots to stay, the banks and IMF didn't panic or threaten Scotland repeatedly, Neocon think tanks didn't preposterously claim a Yes vote would cause Putin to annex Eastern Ukraine, the media didn't continually tell the Scottish people over and over that the No vote was leading the whole time before even going into it, and the whole idea of Scotland's independence definitely wasn't painted as a cheap socialist movement or anything... and all just to gloss over the real threat to the bankers and elites, which might be that Scotland would've been able to keep 90% of the revenues from its huge oil reserves had it voted itself independent (if such a thing is even truly possible in the oligarchical world order we currently find ourselves living under).

Nah. It was nothing like all that. God save the queen! Long live the NWO! Let the Hunger Games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor...

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The multi-polar advance: Russia, Argentina to increase bilateral trade to up to $3Bln in 2015

© Flickr / Finizio
Argentina tries to replace Western exporters on Russian market.
Russia is counting on increasing its bilateral trade with Argentina to $2.5 billion - $3 billion in 2015, the head of Russian agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor, Sergei Dankvert, said Tuesday.

"In 2013, trade turnover between our two countries amounted to about $1.9 billion and traditionally it remains at this level. We hope that in the future this figure will grow to $2.5 billion - $3 billion in 2015," Dankvert said following a meeting of the Russian-Argentinian intergovernmental commission.

According to Dankvert, bilateral trade will increase with enhancing trade connectivity, especially in the energy sector, food trade and construction.

Comment: The Zionist-Anglo-Saxon caliphate vs the BRICS


Pass the sick bag! Poroshenko's speech in front of the Imperial Senate

I know, it is nauseating, but still, please do watch it. What Poroshenko is saying is that which the US deep state is thinking and, as such, it deserves our utmost attention (even if that means grabbing a psychological barf bag).

And for those of you who might get seriously distressed by this sickening and hate-filled ceremony, I have included a short video showing that this nothing new: senates have always been brothels for oligarchs and spineless hypocrites.

And remember - the fact that they say so does not make it so :-)

Kind regards,

The Saker

Comment: Oligarchy = pathocracy. Poroshenko is part of the team.


Israel's hand in the militarization of American police

© unknown
The militarization of American police forces hasn't been paid for by just the federal government. Pro-Israel groups in the U.S. have also played a role by financing trips for hundreds of law enforcement officers to travel to the Middle East for counterterrorism training, according to Ali Winston, a contributor to the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).

Monies provided by such groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee's Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have made it possible for "at least 300 high-ranking sheriffs and police from agencies large and small - from New York and Maine to Orange County and Oakland, California" to attend privately funded seminars in Israel since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Winston discovered.

There, they have learned how Israeli security forces deal with demonstrators and armed threats by terrorists. The seminars include field trips to such sites as military installations, surveillance outposts, and checkpoints at the West Bank and the Israeli-Egyptian border. The training includes spending time observing operations conducted by Israel's Border Patrol, Defense Forces, national police and intelligence services.

Comment: Homeland Security made in Israel
Israel is a militarized state and the United States over the past twelve years has also moved in the same direction vis-a-vis its own police forces, a development that again reflects the priorities of national and local governments and the predilection to deal with the perceived terrorism threat through the use of overwhelming force and intimidation.

New York City's unconstitutional "stop and frisk" police activity is a preemptive doctrine modeled on Israeli counter-terrorism practice and it should be no surprise that the New York Police Department has an overseas office in Tel Aviv.

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Scots youth voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence, elderly against

The following post-referendum poll from Lord Ashcroft does a good summary of who voted how and why. However, the most telling distinction is the following:
  • Voters aged 16-17: YES: 71%; NO: 29%
  • Voters aged 65+: YES: 27%; NO: 73%
How will last night's vote look like in 5, 10 or 15 years when today's 17 year olds are Scotland's prime demographic?

Snakes in Suits

Global psyop: Mass 'ISIS-related' arrests based on 'intelligence reports'

© AFP Photo / Str
An Islamic gunman walks past a pick up truck belonging to the "Raqa Regional Public Service" headed by the Islamic State (IS) group loaded with the wreckage of a Syrian government forces aircraft which was shot down by IS' militants over the Syrian town of Raqa
The world is in the midst of a global crackdown on Islamic State and its ideas. European, American and Australian mass arrests were carried out amid frightening intelligence reports, as the US continues efforts at building an anti-IS coalition.

Comment: And we all know how reliable "frightening intelligence reports" are...

The effort to clamp down on any affiliation to the terrorist group has reached as far as France, the US, Spain and other countries - even the partially-recognized Kosovo.

Six potential recruits have been arrested in France, a judicial source said on Wednesday, with the number of French nationals traveling to sections of Syria and Iraq partly-controlled by the IS (formerly ISIS or ISIL) continuing to rise.

Comment: France, like the U.S., UK, and other countries, have a history of setting up "Islamic terrorist" patsies. Don't believe a word of it.

Two of the detained on Tuesday are minors, while another pair is a brother and sister; one other suspect is believed to be linked to Forsane Alizza (Knight of Pride), an organization calling for France to become an Islamic caliphate. It was banned in 2012.

Comment: What a joke: Manufactured Terror: Staging phony ISIS terror threats

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CIA placates EU by professing to halt spying operations in Europe

© Reuters/Larry Downing
The CIA's European Division has halted its operations in Europe in response to several spying scandals in Germany and the continent's negative reaction to the revelations of spying by the National Security Agency on European leaders and citizens.

The stand-down order has been in effect for two months. It was designed to give CIA officers time to examine whether they were being careful enough and to evaluate whether spying on allies is worth running the risk of discovery, a US official who has been briefed on the situation told the Associated Press.

Case officers in Europe have largely forbidden from undertaking "unilateral operations" such as meeting with sources they have recruited within allied governments. The continent's countries have long been used as safe venues to conduct meetings between CIA officers and sources from the Middle East and other high priority areas; those encounters have been rerouted to other locales.

The spying stand-down comes at an inopportune time, AP reported, citing worries over Western extremists heading to Syria and Iraq to join with the Islamic State, as well as the standoff with Russia over influence on Ukraine and the independence movement in the eastern part of the country. Tensions have grown between the US and its European allies since Edward Snowden's NSA revelations in June 2013.

Comment: With the CIA's history of covert ops in Europe, the idea that they would actually halt operations is almost hilarious. With all the public uproar over the spying scandals, it seems more likely that a decision was made to soothe public sentiment.


Russia's intentions are clear: The Minsk Protocol shall be

© Unknown
It is impossible to prove or disprove the existence of the divine plan. Russia's cunning plan in Ukraine belongs to the same category. In analyzing the statements made by Sergei Lavrov in his interview with Russia Beyond the Headlines on September 17, 2014, some commentators have added a third concept - that of diplomatic theatre - to this duality. While it is generally bad form to overanalyze religious beliefs, let us apply some simple mathematics to understand the play behind the curtains of diplomatic theatre.

The concept of diplomatic theatre is understood differently by commentators. Many of the definitions are clearly wrong. Diplomatic theatre is not magic, mysticism, or sleight of hand. The language of diplomacy is far more akin to mathematics than commonly understood. As in mathematics, every word has its place, and no phrase is spoken out of context or frivolously.

The product of a diplomatic equation is directly dependent on the placement of definitions in a string of calculated statements. Like legal language, diplomatic language can be deciphered, broken down into components, and analyzed with precision. To a keen observer, there is nothing mysterious in what diplomats say. Bad diplomacy, on the other hand, is the opposite of this approach. And Lavrov is an excellent diplomat. Accordingly, let us parse out the meaning of Lavrov's interview without resorting to magic or belief in the guiding hand that can do no wrong.

Setting Out the Equation

Lavrov's interview contains a wealth of statements with respect to the crisis in Ukraine. Many of them have been made before - Russia's steadfast commitment to investigating the Odessa massacre, the crash of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17, and the war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by the Ukrainian troops in Donbass. All of these remarks are laudable, praiseworthy and notable in and of themselves.

However, the immediate, short and medium term future of Novorossiya no longer depends on what happened in Odessa, Mariupol and Slavyansk. Far more important to the existence of the Donetsk and the Lugansk People's Republics (respectively, "DRP" and "LPR") is the document executed following consultations in Minsk on September 5, 2014 - the Protocol of the Trilateral Contact Group, more commonly known as the Minsk Protocol. Perhaps even more important to the continued existence of the DPR and the LPR is Russia's commitment to the Minsk Protocol, which Russia signed along with the other participants, and the forms such commitment takes.
2 + 2 = 4

Dmitry Orlov: Understanding organizational stupidity

© Shintaro Kago
Is it morning in America again, or is the bubble that is the American economy about to pop (again), this time perhaps tipping it into full-blown collapse in five stages with symphonic accompaniment and fireworks?

A country blowing itself up is quite a sight to behold, and it makes us wonder about lots of things. For instance, it makes us wonder whether the people who are doing the blowing up happen to be criminals. (Sure, they may be in a manner of speaking - as a moral judgment passed on the powerful by the powerless - but since none of them are likely to see the inside of a jail cell or even a courtroom any time soon, the point is moot. Let's be sure to hunt them down once they try to run and hide, though.) But at a much more basic and fundamental level, a better question to ask is this one:
"Why are we being so fucking stupid?"
What do I mean when I use the term "fucking stupid"? I do not mean it as a term of abuse but as a precise, if unflattering, diagnosis. Here is as good a definition as any, excerpted from American Eulogy by Jim Quinn:
If you had told someone on September 10, 2001 that ten years later America would be running $1.5 trillion annual deficits, fighting two wars of choice in countries that despise our presence, and had not only not addressed the $100 [trillion] of unfunded welfare liabilities but added billions more with Medicare D and Obamacare, they would have thought you were a crazy doomster predicting the end of the world. They would have put you away in a padded cell if you had further predicted that politicians would cut taxes three separate times, that the Wall Street banks that leveraged themselves 40 to 1 and destroyed the financial system [would be] handed $2 trillion of taxpayer funds so they could pay themselves multi-million dollar bonuses, and that the Federal Reserve would triple its balance sheet to $2.45 trillion by running its printing presses at hyper-speed and handing the money to those same Wall Street Mega-Banks.

Comment: Dmitry Orlov is describing the psychopathic nature of corporations and the environment created in the workplace. The leading expert on psychopathy, Dr. Robert Hare explains it well in the video below:

The Psychopathic Corporation -- A Clinical Diagnosis (PCLR), by Dr. Robert Hare


The chance Scotland was deprived of

Comment: This article was written six weeks ago. It lays out plainly the case for Scotland going its own way, but the fear-mongering, propaganda barrage coming out of London worked. Scotland has agreed to further servitude at least for the next while. Given facts like these however, the issue will rise again, and perhaps sooner than the UK pathocrats realize.

Where does Scotland's wealth go (if it doesn't stay here)?

It's a simple question but not one often asked, probably as most economics bloggers like myself get bogged down in numbers and over-complicate the issue.

Data from the UK Government's Office for National Statistics demonstrates in simple terms the distribution of personal wealth in the UK. It is clear to see that London and the south are by far the wealthiest parts of the UK. Not just the south east but the South West as well.
wealth scotland
© Office for National Statistics
Clearly the further north you go the lower the distribution of wealthy households and this matches other research that shows overall lower average household wealth, and lower the average household income in the north.

The map of wealthy household distribution shows a clear north/south wealth divide within England itself, which many of us knew about, but many will be surprised at just how far south the divide sits. Without over complicating the issue this data when taken with all other wealth and income statistics that look at wealth/income distribution within the UK confirms that wealth is centralised around London. The more northern areas of the UK have suffered years of de-industrialisation, high unemployment and lower investment that followed the emergence of London-centric finance and service-led economic policy under consecutive Conservative and New Labour governments.

No surprises there then! However, when you compare the map of where the wealth ends up with a map of where the UK's wealth is generated, they don't tell the same story. The union drains wealth from Scotland.