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The U.S. airstrikes in Northern Iraq are all about oil

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Last night, President Barack Obama announced that he was authorizing American airtstrikes in Iraq. He described his intervention as a "humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain" and as an effort "to protect our American personnel." One word that he didn't mention is "oil," but it lies near the center of American motives for intervention.

The United States is conducting airdrops to aid the Yazidis who have fled the advance of Islamic State militants, but it is conducting airstrikes around Erbil, which is to the east. There are American consular personnel in Erbil, but they could be evacuated if necessary. What Obama left unsaid was that Erbil, a city of 1.5 million, is the capital of the Kurdish regional government and the administrative center of its oil industry, which accounts for about a quarter of Iraq's oil. The Kurds claim that if they were to become an independent state, they would have the ninth-largest oil reserves in the world. And oil wells are near Erbil.

Comment: Given the US track record, securing oil resources makes much more sense as a reason for airstrikes than media assisted propagation of stories on how 'humanitarian aid' must be delivered to the Yazidis. When have they ever cared about innocent citizens of countries they bomb?


Russia flexes its gas pipeline muscles, Europe screams: Ukraine quickly backs off

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Natural gas pipelines from Russia to Europe through Ukraine
That didn't take long.

A few short days after Ukraine's always entertaining puppet government, whose very existence is to benefit its western overlords and certainly Victoria Nuland's superiors, briefly forgot it has absolutely zero leverage should it alienate not only Russia but also Europe (read Angela Merkel) and announced it may halt Russian energy transits through the country (i.e., Russian gas deliveries for Germany) without obtaining Angela Merkel's preapproval to such a ridiculous threat, Europe - suffering a major flashback to early 2009 and realizing winter is just around the corner - promptly reminded Kiev just who is in control and advised its puppets that it opposes any Ukrainian cut-off of Russian gas, Bloomberg reports citing an EU official.


U.S. suspects Israelis stole 1960s missing uranium

Officials believed ally used materials lifted from Pennsylvania toward a weapons program

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Declassified documents from the 1970s provide new evidence that federal officials believed bomb-grade uranium that disappeared from a Pennsylvania nuclear facility in the 1960s was likely taken for use in a clandestine Israeli atomic-weapons program.

The documents, obtained earlier this year through public-records requests by a Washington-based nonprofit group, also indicate that senior officials wanted to keep the matter under wraps for fear it could undermine U.S. Middle East peace efforts.

Though the Central Intelligence Agency's case for the suspected theft wasn't conclusive, it was sufficiently persuasive that "I do not think that the President has plausible deniability" regarding the question, said a memo dated July 28, 1977, by a National Security Council staffer in President Jimmy Carter's administration.

A security council memo to Mr. Carter a few days later expressed more uncertainty about whether a theft had occurred, but noted that then-Secretary of State Cyrus Vance had a coming Middle East trip and discussed the need to keep attention "away from the CIA's information."

The question of whether one of America's closest allies was involved in the theft of some of its most valuable and dangerous material in pursuit of nuclear weapons has been one of the enduring mysteries of the atomic age. The suspected theft has drawn the attention of at least three presidents and other senior government officials.
The evidence suggested that "something did transpire," said Zbigniew Brzezinski, Mr. Carter's national-security adviser, in a recent interview. "But until you have conclusive evidence you don't want to make an international incident. This is a potentially very explosive, controversial issue." Besides, he added, even if a theft was proved, "What are we going to say to the Israelis, 'Give it back?'"

Comment: Was it stolen? Was it "allowed" to be stolen? Israel seems to have carte blanche for any and all aggression and does so without consequences. Some suggest there are Israeli nukes planted around the globe as its leverage. Some say Israel is the Number One national security threat. Some speculate the Mossad has U.S. nuclear launch codes. Consider the Samson Option outlined in the video below. Could Israel be holding the rest of the world hostage and is that why it remains untouchable? Is that why the official answer to the missing uranium will never come to light?

See also: Declassified FBI and CIA docs confirm Israel stole US uranium to build nukes in 1950s


Cannon fodder: Another wave of drafting in the Ukraine

Ukrainian government wants to draft more recruits. After serious losses inflicted by the rebels to Ukrainian army in eastern part of the country, Kiev plans to use more young men as cannon fodder: Ukrainian families uneasily expect the third draft of young men in Ukrainian military. The latter two took place in spring. But not only young men will be drafted: Kiev enhanced the age level of mobilized persons up to 60 years.

This intention caused hot debates in Ukrainian parliament. A Congressman Nikolay Levchenko went so far as to criticize the belligerent plans of Ukrainian government and was attacked by his counterparts of nationalistic stance. Beaten and humiliated, Mr Levchenko was dragged out of the assembly and couldn't get in again.

After the victory of EuroMaidan Ukrainian right extremists get the opportunity to take offices in governmental bodies. It has a sad impact on the working process of such bodies. Mr. Levchenko was not the only Congressman attacked directly in the parliament for his outspoken moral position. Another victim of Ukrainian "freedom of speech" was leader of Communist Party of Ukraine Petr Simonenko who also was beaten for his anti-war declarations. As Ukrainian Communists take uncompromising anti-war position the government is widely discussing the impending prohibition of Communist Party of Ukraine. So far the Communists were excluded from the parliament by pro-governmental parties.

Comment: Eerily reminds us of the German Volkssturm in WW2 - a definite sign of desperation. But a wounded animal is the most dangerous of them all!


IDF Hamas Human Shield Manual a sloppy forgery: The evidence

On August 4, 2014 the IDF released what they claimed to be scans of a captured Hamas combat manual which explains the benefits of human shields (Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields). This juicy story got quite a few people excited, and within 2 days their blog post had over 81,000 likes on Facebook. It turns out though, that the documents that they uploaded were forgeries, and sloppy forgeries at that. The work was so shoddy that you don't even have to be an expert to see the mistake. Let's take a a look.

Alright, so the IDF uploaded these two tiny, low res images. One of them is 452 pixels wide and 280 pixels tall and the other is 437 pixels wide and 475 pixels tall.
[UPDATE August 8th] After reading some of the comments I realized that I shouldn't have taken for granted that people would understand how to properly assess the alignment of a font. To clarify, I have uploaded the PSD file that I used to measure the position of the fonts. It is important to make sure that you are measuring from the BASELINE of the font (see image below), and that you distinguish between the font baseline and aliasing (partially faded pixelation) that occurs on the curves. Now it's important to note that if one mistakenly assesses the baseline by including the aliasing you may end up with a pixel of difference between the two sides, (someone who knows nothing about fonts may include a descender or a loop, but this would be an extreme error), however even a one or two pixel difference from a poor measurement would NOT account for the amount of distortion that would occur if this text was really siting on a curved page.


Russia to deploy fifth-generation fighters and S-500 missiles in 2016

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The fourth prototype Т-50 fifth generation jet fighter
In 2016, the Russian military will start deploying two advanced weapons, the fifth-generation fighter jet PAK FA and the long-range surface-to-air missile systems S-500, chief of the Russian Air Forces said.

Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev gave an outline of his branch's modernization plans, including the build-up of Arctic infrastructure, in a radio interview with the Russian News Service station on Sunday.

The flight trials of PAK FA (T-50) will soon be over, and in 2016 the Air Force is planning to start commissioning the aircraft into service, the general said.

PAK FA is Russia's first fifth-generation fighter jet built by the Sukhoi Corporation. So far five prototypes have been completed and are undergoing various tests. The fighter is scheduled to eventually replace Sukhoi Su-27s.

"It took part in the [international pilot competition] Aviadarts twice and performed aerobatic flights in pair. I believe the aircraft has a brilliant future," the general said.

Apple Red

You broke it, you bought it: Poland asks US to buy apples banned by Russia

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Poland has asked the US to purchase the country's apples after Moscow banned all food imports from the EU, the US, and other countries who imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Prior to the full embargo on food exports from the West, Russia's agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import of practically all fruits and vegetables from Poland, citing a breach of food safety standards.

"We are interested in a quick decision because the situation is extraordinary," said Poland's ambassador to Washington, Ryszard Schnepf, as quoted by Polish press agency PAP.

He added that he had met with Michael Scuse, a senior official in the US Department of Agriculture, and discussed the opening of the US market to Polish apple producers.

"He told us to begin the procedure," he said, adding that the next meeting with US agricultural officials is planned for August 18.


It is clear to those with eyes to see that Poland has bet on the wrong horse, again. And again. By supporting the US in its aggression against Russia, the country is losing both from moral and practical points of view. It's like watching a degenerate gambler.


Russia holds all the cards - how will Putin play them?

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More evidence, about which I hope to write at length, is piling up that Europe has acquiesced to Washington's drive to war with Russia, a war that is likely to be the final war for humanity. By Russia's low key and unthreatening response to Washington's aggression, thereby giving the West the mistaken signal that Russia is weak and fearful, the Russian government has encouraged Washington's drive to war.

It appears that the Russians' greatest weakness is that capitalism has raised enough Russians to a comfortable living standard that the war that Washington is bringing to them is scary, and they want to avoid it in order to continue living like decadent Western Europeans.

The same thing happened to the once fierce Vandals in North Africa in the 6th century when the Vandals were exterminated by a small force from the Eastern Roman Empire. The Vandals had lost the valor that had given them a rich chunk of the Roman Empire.

Comment: Yes, low key and unthreatening, but not ineffective as a counter. Let's put it into perspective:

Party A says: We won't sell you X, but we will sell you Y, and Z.
Party B says: No problem, we won't buy Y and Z either.

Party A has created a situation where the money in the pocket of Party B cannot end up in the pocket of Party A. This is called: Cutting off your nose to spite your face. The way people make money is by selling things. Now the US and EU cannot sell to Russia because Russia will not buy.

This implements a basic strategy where party B

1) Economically weakens their current enemies.
2) Economically strengthens other regional powers who have the goods to sell, but not enough people to buy.

Comment: Vladimir Putin, the judo master, is likely well aware of his tactical advantages. Vladimir Putin, the humanitarian, is valiantly trying to find a way through the horrors created by the imperial west which causes the least amount of suffering for all, not just the Russian people. But he's proven before that he will not hesitate to act when the moment is right.

War and conflict are ultimately about time and tempo. You have to analyze the American strategy designed to start war, and then analyze the Russian response and see how in each case, the Americans are being stymied. War should have started by now. In 1914, it would already have been raging.

The U.S. strategic wet dream is: Coup in Ukraine | Russia Invades Ukraine | America and Europe Declare War | Russia dies and we do the happy dance on their dead bodies.

The U.S. (who used this tactic in the 1980s against Russia) fully expected Russia to engage in the Ukraine. Russia did not. This is a missed tempo, because unless Russia invades Ukraine, the West has a problem.

The goal of America is to draw Russia into a war, NOW, TODAY. They need it. So actively denying them combat when they are strong is in the interest of Russia. This way Russia can continue to consolidate its position and dig in for the winter.

Oh, you forgot about that? Read Sun Tzu: weather is important!

America further needs a war to conceal its economic failure. Russia's response? It doesn't invade Ukraine, but hits America and the entire West where it hurts by creating an alternative international institutional framework - the BRICS bank in place of the IMF one, for example, which was immediately put into practice by accepting trade settlements with Eurasian partners in local currencies, instead of the dollar.

Meanwhile it partners with China to offload some of their American bonds (Belgium magically bought them up). Finally it puts the screws to Europe, which is already suffering economically and agriculturally by ensuring that their vegetables and fruit rot in warehouses.

While you may not think the U.S. will be hit, it will. Already, Poland is demanding the U.S. buy the fruit that Russia has banned. Now more European countries will ask, and if the U.S. says yes, it loses money. If the U.S. says no, it loses friends.

Putin is some kind of genius.

There are just so many ways that this is bad for the West and good for Russia.

These are not weak moves, they are establishing moves to have a good opening position should a shooting war really start. But also they want a good position should a new "cold war" start. So you can see that either option eventually has Russia with a more stable position. Certainly more stable than if they had followed this article's advice. Sorry PCR, but you are way off here.


Moving the theater of war: Al-CIA-da militants get transfer orders to Yemen and Africa to join ISIS

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Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
U.S. spy agencies have begun to see groups of fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates in Yemen and Africa to join the rival Islamist organization that has seized territory in Iraq and Syria and been targeted in American airstrikes, U.S. officials said.

The movements are seen by U.S. ­counterterrorism analysts as a worrisome indication of the expanding appeal of a group known as the Islamic State that has overwhelmed military forces in the region and may now see itself in direct conflict with the United States.

"Small groups from a number of al-Qaeda affiliates have defected to ISIS," as the group is also known, said a U.S. official with access to classified intelligence assessments. "And this problem will probably become more acute as ISIS continues to rack up victories."

The influx has strengthened an organization already regarded as a menacing force in the Middle East, one that has toppled a series of Iraqi cities by launching assaults so quickly and in so many directions that security forces caught in the group's path have so far been unable to respond with anything but retreat.

Comment: The US has been funding and arming the terrorists in Syria and Yemen and it now appears they are preferring to ramp up the terror in Iraq.

Creating fake 'enemies' in order to dominate the planet: U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base
VIDEO: U.S. fighting alongside ISIS, playing both sides of the conflict
Liar! Obama: Bad Intelligence Behind ISIS Underestimation
US "moderate" militant factions join ISIL in Syria

Star of David

The death of IDF 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin: The 'Hannibal Protocol' and two criminally insane governments

Killing Lt. Goldin...and 150 innocents

The sickness of present-day Israel, on display over the past horrible month of the one-sided slaughter of nearly 2000 Palestinians (including over 400 children) in the fenced-in ghetto of Gaza, has finally reached its nadir with the ugly case of the deliberate Israeli Defense Force murder of captured IDF 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin.

According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, once it was determined that Goldin had been captured by Hamas fighters in the Gaza town of Rafah, the IDF initiated what it calls the "Hannibal Protocol" -- the deliberate liquidation of the captive -- to prevent his being used as a hostage to win concessions from Israel in future truce negotiations with the Palestinians. One reason for the almost instantaneous and ruthless Israeli decision to kill Goldin rather than attempt to rescue him, is that this captured soldier had the misfortune of being related to Israel's defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, making him a valuable prize indeed for Hamas.

And so began a massive bombardment of the entire residential area where Goldin was captured.

Blown away by the IDF's Operation Hannibal: 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin and a UN school filled with refugees seeking shelter
As Haaretz reports in an editorial about this case of deliberate sacrifice of an IDF officer, headlined "What Happened in Rafah?", the ensuing high-explosive blitz on the area didn't just kill Goldin, but also indiscriminately killed over 150 Palestinians, most of them civilians, including many women and children. Indeed, the paper states that the IDF "...shelled and bombed houses and their inhabitants indiscriminately, and as they tried to flee homes, hit them with shells and bombs in the streets." The fatal bombing of a targeted UN-operated school in Rafah, which was condemned by the US government and by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, who called it a "criminal act and a moral outrage," was part of that Hannibal Protocol action.


This is happening, and what we see today is the price of our society. We are paralyzed and incapable of acting in any significant way. There is nothing we can do except shout really loud. In reality this is a nightmare of our own creation. In seeking security from each other we have made each citizen and impotent island. But in doing so we have found ourselves the victims of the very people who we placed in charge. But this is always the way it goes. Always the way it has gone.

Now people are beginning to understand that the only criminal worth considering in law, is the political one. The petty thief on the street, the drug dealer, all of these are small potatoes. Even the serial killer is an under achiever when compared with the destructive will of a psychopath in power.