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Ethnic cleansing before your eyes: Israel's 'incremental genocide'

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What will it take before the court of world opinion puts a stop to the atrocities being perpetrated in Gaza by the IDF?!?
In a September 2006 article for The Electronic Intifada, I defined the Israeli policy towards the Gaza Strip as an incremental genocide.

Israel's present assault on Gaza alas indicates that this policy continues unabated. The term is important since it appropriately locates Israel's barbaric action - then and now - within a wider historical context.

This context should be insisted upon, since the Israeli propaganda machine attempts again and again to narrate its policies as out of context and turns the pretext it found for every new wave of destruction into the main justification for another spree of indiscriminate slaughter in the killing fields of Palestine.

Comment: One of Zionism's most vocal and informed critics and one of only a few historians willing and able to present the truth about Israel, Ilan Pappe says it as it is.

See this recent interview with Mr. Pappe on BBC's HARDtalk for what he's up against when trying to clear up many of the West's twists of truth in the Israel-Palestine conflict:

VIDEO: HARDtalk speaks to anti-Zionist Israeli historian Ilan Pappe

And read Mr. Pappe's seminal work on the subject for a detailed account of when, how, and why Israel began to eradicate the Palestinian population: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine


MH17: Obama makes stuff up while Ukraine military renews assault on Donetsk

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Damning evidence that Donetsk rebels are tampering with evidence at the MH17 crash site!
The Ukrainian military on Monday renewed its assault on this rebel-held city, even as international investigators in the region were trying to secure the remains of those killed in the shootdown last week of a Malaysia Airlines airliner.

Comment: How charming. And yet the MSM continues to berate the rebels and the Russians, who have been fully supportive of a peaceful, intensive, international investigation.

In Washington, President Obama demanded Monday that Russia use its influence to compel pro-Russian separatists to allow the investigators full access to the victims and the crash site.

Comment: Donetsk's leaders have publicly stated their total willingness to provide international investigators security and access.

Noting that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has declared a demilitarized zone around the crash site near the Russian border, Obama said the rebels who control the area are continuing to block an investigation, are removing evidence from the scene and are mishandling the remains of passengers and crew among the 298 people who were killed when the plane was shot down Thursday over eastern Ukraine.

Comment: Obama lies and continues to make unsubstantiated statements regarding what's going on in Donetsk. The rebels have done all they can to secure the site until investigators arrived, which they took their sweet time doing. They complied with OSCE requests to secure the crash site and scattered remains as well as they could. Keep in mind that it is a war zone, they lack the resources, and again, the investigators took days to arrive.


Propaganda alert! Concern grows over rebel hold on Malaysia Airlines crash site in Ukraine

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Members of the Ukrainian Emergency Ministry carry a body at the crash site Saturday.
Investigators have been hampered by limited access

Outrage grew Saturday over the rebel hold on the site of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash that killed 298 people in eastern Ukraine, with European leaders calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to do more to use his influence to get them to hand over the site.

Days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed, killing 298 people, concerns are growing that rebel fighters are blocking access to the site and tampering with evidence.

World leaders and the rebels themselves have called for a transparent, credible investigation into the downing. But two days after the disaster, there has been little progress, with the site disorderly and investigations hampered by its location in separatist-held territory amid heavy fighting in other parts of the east.

Malaysia's transport minister, Liow Tiang Lai, expressed deep concern about the security of the site and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was "disgusted" by images showing rebels walking around with victims' personal items.

Comment: Oh puleeze. This is just whipping up the emotions of the Dutch and scoring political points by Rutte. How else is the site to be cleaned up??

"Mr. Putin must now take his responsibility," Mr. Rutte said, adding he had an intense conversation with the Russian leader by phone. "It's time for him to do what the world is expecting him to do."

Comment: Russia is doing the responsible thing: telling the world to wait for a proper analysis of the situation. They is also raising pertinent issues that the Ukraine and US governments should be addressing:

10 questions the Russians have for Ukraine after crash of MH17

One hundred and ninety-three Dutch citizens died on the Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight, which the U.S. says was likely downed by a missile fired by Russian-aided separatists. New U.S. intelligence assessments indicate that Moscow likely provided separatists in eastern Ukraine with sophisticated antiaircraft systems in recent days, matching evidence put forward by Ukraine.

Comment: Of course they do. This is the narrative that gives NATO justification for attempting to light the Russian border on fire.

'Fun' fact: The Buk missile is noted for its heavy exhaust trail when launched. Not one witness has mentioned seeing this nor has any alleged video of the event shown a smoke trail going from ground to sky. One of many pesky details of this tragic event.

Light Sabers

Sanity: China blasts "One-sided Western rush to judge Russia" over MH17

"The West has successfully put itself in a position to dictate 'political correctness' in international discourse," China exclaims via a Global Times editorial on MH17 on Monday, "those unwilling to work with Western interests will often find themselves in a tough position."

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China appears to have crossed the line, siding very clearly with Russia as they conclude, "It is yet another example of the power of Western opinion as a political tool."
China's first public statement that "The Western rush to judge Russia is not based on evidence or logic," comes on the heels of Vladimir Putin's address last night jabbing the West "no one should not have the right to use this tragedy to achieve selfish political objectives."

China appears to have crossed the line, siding very clearly with Russia as they conclude, "It is yet another example of the power of Western opinion as a political tool."

As Time reports, On July 18, shortly after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed over eastern Ukraine, extinguishing 298 lives, China's Xinhua state news agency cautioned against making snap judgments...
The one-sided accusation is not surprising in light of their long-time stance on the crisis in eastern Ukraine, and their attitude towards Russia's absorption of Crimea in March. But without convincing evidence, jumping to a conclusion will only heighten regional tension and is not conducive to finding out the truth.

Russian President Vladimir Putin late Thursday said it is Ukraine that bears the responsibility as the tragedy occurred over its territory. The tragedy, Putin said, could have been avoided should Ukraine's eastern regions be in peace.
On July 21, the People's Daily, the Chinese Communist Party's mouthpiece, ran a piece still cautioning that "no proof has been found so far to clarify the cause or identify the perpetrator."


Russian Defense Ministry: Ukrainian Su-25 jet in vicinity of MH17; photos of BUK systems in SE Ukraine released

© Russian Defense Ministry
The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe. Kiev must explain why the military jet was tracking the passenger airplane, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, its distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km," said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia's military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday.

"[We] would like to get an explanation as to why the military jet was flying along a civil aviation corridor at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane," he stated.

"The SU-25 fighter jet can gain an altitude of 10km, according to its specification," he added. "It's equipped with air-to-air R-60 missiles that can hit a target at a distance up to 12km, up to 5km for sure."

The presence of the Ukrainian military jet can be confirmed by video shots made by the Rostov monitoring center, Kartopolov stated.

At the moment of the MH17 crash an American satellite was flying over the area of eastern Ukraine, according to Russia's Defense Ministry. It urged the US to publish the space photos and data captured by it.

In addition, MH17 crashed within the operating zone of the Ukrainian army's self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air 'Buk' missile systems, the Russian general said.

Comment: In other words, the Ukrainians lied about no military jets being in the vicinity at the time. And the alleged footage of a rebel-held BUK being transported 'back to Russia' was their own, being driven in territory they hold. Here's the military presentation:


Current MH17 investigation not enough, need full-scale intl team - Putin

The tragic Malaysian MH17 flight crash must not be politicised and the international experts on the scene should be able to carry out their work in complete safety, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"There are already representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk working there, as well as representatives of the emergencies ministry of Ukraine and others. But this is not enough," Putin said officially commenting on the tragic event on Sunday.

"This task force is not enough," Putin emphasized. "We need more, we need a fully representative group of experts to be working at the site under the guidance of ICAO, the relevant international commission."

"We must do everything to provide security for the international experts on the site of the tragedy," Putin stressed, adding that Russia will also do everything in its power to help shift the Ukrainian conflict from a military phase into a political discussion.

"We need to do everything to provide its [ICAO commission's] safety, to provide the humanitarian corridors necessary for its work," Putin added.

"In the meantime, nobody should and has no right to use this tragedy to achieve their 'narrowly selfish' political goals," Putin stated.

"We repeatedly called upon all conflicting sides to stop the bloodshed immediately and sit down at the negotiating table," the President reminded. "I can say with confidence that if military operations were not resumed on June 28 in eastern Ukraine, this tragedy wouldn't have happened."

Bad Guys

Dutch PM warns Putin on 'last chance' to help with plane disaster

Russian President Vladimir Putin has one last chance to show he is serious about helping rescuers recover the bodies of the victims of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the Dutch prime minister said on Saturday.

More than half the passengers aboard the flight, which crashed near a village in eastern Ukraine, were Dutch citizens, and images of recognizably Dutch personal belongings and passports strewn across the crash site have shocked the Dutch public.

Comment: It is no surprise that the Dutch government joins the U.S. and others with pointing the finger at Russia.
Also see: Who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? New Cold War, same old propaganda

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Infiltrated: Mossad in Malaysia

Malaysia's internationally known politician, Anwar Ibrahim (born 1947), country's former Deputy Prime Minister (1993-98) and Finance Minister (1991-98) and currently the Opposition leader - claimed that Israeli intelligence agents (Mossad) have infiltrated into Malaysia's Bukit Aman (Federal Police headquarter in Kuala Lumpur). The espionage link to Israel is the company named Asiasoft Global Pte Ltd. (Singapore), which has worked as a sub-contractor to upgrade the telecommunication systems for the police. Two of the directors of the firm, Izhak David Nakar and Ido Schechter, are reportedly Israeli citizens.

However, this is not the first time the 'Israeli connection' has been raised. In 2008, the Malaysian Home Minister told Parliament: "Then between November and December, a police report was lodged by the responsible police officers and investigated by one ASP Sairah. Then Sairah was transferred to Taiping and there was no news after that,"reported The Malaysian Insider.

How reliable is Anwar Ibrahim? Well, he is known for his good connections with the Jewish Lobby in the US through personal friendship and links to CIA-funded think tanks. In 2000, Malaysian politician Lim Kit Siang asked former prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to declare the outcome of a three year police investigation into whether Anwar Ibrahim was a CIA operative. Anwar Ibrahim had been a good friend of the former US Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton administration, William S. Cohen (1997-2001), son of a Russian Jewish immigrant Reuben Cohen.

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UN: Iran gets rid of all sensitive nuclear material

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Iran says it has diluted its uranium as per agreement.
Iran has turned all of its enriched uranium closest to the level needed to make nuclear arms into more harmless forms, the United Nations' nuclear agency said Sunday.

The move was expected. Tehran had committed to convert or dilute its 20-percent enriched stockpile under an agreement with six powers last November that froze its atomic programs pending negotiations on a comprehensive deal. Those talks were extended Saturday to Nov. 24.

Still, the development was noteworthy in reflecting Iran's desire not to derail the diplomatic process with the six countries - the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

Iran had more than 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of 20 percent enriched uranium when the preliminary agreement was reached. That's nearly enough for one warhead.
A report from the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency obtained by The Associated Press said that all has now been converted or diluted. The report said Iran was observing all of its other commitments as well.
At 20 percent, enriched uranium can be converted quickly to arm a nuclear weapon. Iran denies wanting such arms.

Tehran is keen to seal a deal that would end nuclear-related sanctions on its economy, but is resisting a U.S.-led drive to put stiff, long-term constraints on atomic activities that have both peaceful and weapons-related applications.

Comment: This outcome has taken eleven years. Will the PTB grant a reduction in sanctions for compliance as promised? Not if Netanyahu has his way.


Putin witch hunt: Australian PM hints Putin may be dropped from G20 summit over MH17 crash

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The prime minister of Australia, currently presiding over the G20, has hinted the Russian president could be dropped from the next summit in Brisbane over the MH17 crash in Ukraine. This came even before international investigators made it to the scene.

"We take a very, very dim view of this and the idea that Russia can wash its hands of responsibility because this happened in Ukrainian airspace just does not stand serious scrutiny. We all know what's happening in the Ukraine," Tony Abbott said at a press conference on Saturday.

It was "Russian-controlled territory, Russian-backed rebels, quite likely a Russian-supplied weapon. Russia can't wash its hands of this," Abbott reiterated on Sunday.

The Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight went down crashed in Ukraine Thursday. Among the 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board the perished were 28 Australians.

The Australian government "takes a very dim view of countries which facilitate the killing of Australians, as you'd expect us to," Abbott said.

International investigation of the MH17 flight incident has not started yet, but Kiev has already attempted to present questionable evidence against the eastern self-defense forces, accusing them of taking down the Boeing.

Comment: Is there any proof that Russia is responsible for MH17 flight crash? No. If there is no proof, why are the western world leaders competing to punish Putin?.

Who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? New Cold War, same old propaganda