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These are supposedly the words that make the NSA think you're a terrorist

This is an (admittedly huge) list of words that supposedly cause the NSA to flag you as a potential terrorist if you over-use them in an email.

We found this on Reddit, where James Bamford, a veteran reporter with 30 years experience covering the NSA, is answering questions from the community. He just wrote a big profile for Wired on NSA director Keith Alexander that's really good and well worth a read.

This list comes from Reddit user GloriousDawn, who found it on Attrition.org, a site that purports to follow the security industry, but the page was last updated in 1998. Take it with a grain of salt.

You may want to peruse this entire list yourself, but here are some of our favorites that stick out:
military intelligence
Steve Case
Eye 1

Ecuador embassy bug unlikely to be work of security services, say experts

Expert in covert techniques says off-the-shelf plug socket device is unlikely to have been planted by state agency

Surveillance experts have described the bugging device that Ecuador says was hidden behind a plug socket in its London embassy as rudimentary and unlikely to have been the work of the British police or security services.

Photographs of the device were revealed late on Wednesday in Quito by Ecuador's foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño, who claimed it had been installed by a Worcester surveillance and security firm, The Surveillance Group Limited.

The firm's chief executive, Timothy Youngs, said on Thursday that the allegation was "completely untrue".

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lives and works in a different room in the embassy in Knightsbridge where he has been granted diplomatic asylum.

After analysing the images, one expert in covert techniques who has worked for UK law enforcement agencies told the Guardian: "We do not do plug sockets, that's old hat. It's the first place people look. The bug is one you can buy off the shelf. If we do something, most likely we would custom build it. My first thought [is] it would not be a state agency."

Comment: Another possibility is that, while the embassy bug could be considered rudimentary, certain intelligence services could have planted the bug there knowing it would be found in order to send a message to Ecuador that they are being watched. They also likely have far more advanced surveillance technology in use not only in the Ecuadorean embassy but for every other countries' embassies.


Biological warfare? Mystery disease linked to vanished Israeli scientist

The new Cryptococcus gatti fungus strain
© Unknown
The new Cryptococcus gatti fungus strain, magnified.
The recent outbreak of a life-threatening disease in the United States, caused by a new and exotic strain of a hyper-virulent fungus, is baffling the US media and the scientific community. Speculations point to climate change as a possible explanation. However, according to journalist Hank P. Albarelli Jr., famous for having uncovered the 1951 CIA experiments with LSD in Pont St. Esprit (France), the answer is more likely to be found inside the Fort Detrick biological warfare center and in Israeli laboratories. A key element of the enigma is apparently a dubious Israeli scientist allegedly connected to the Mossad.
Late last month, on April 24, media outlets across the Northwest United States began reporting that a strange, previously unknown strain of virulent airborne fungi that has already killed at least 6 people in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, is spreading throughout the region. The fungus, according to expert microbiologists, who have expressed alarm about the strain's emergence, is a new genotype of Cryptococcus gatti fungi or C gatti. Cryptococcus gatti is normally found in tropical and subtropical locations in India, South America, Africa, and Australia. Microbiologists in the United States maintain that the strain found here, for reasons not yet fully understood, is far deadlier than any found overseas.

Physicians in the Pacific Northwest are reporting that an undetermined number of people in the region are ill from the effects of the strange strain. Physicians also say that the virulent strain can infect domestic animals as well as humans, and symptoms do not appear until anywhere from two to four months after exposure. Symptoms in humans include a lingering cough, sharp chest pains, fever, night-sweats, weight-loss, headaches, and shortness of breath. The strain can be treated successfully, if detected early enough, with oral doses of antifungal medication, but it cannot be prevented, and there is no preventative vaccine. Undiagnosed, the fungus works its way into the spinal fluid and central nervous system and causes fatal meningitis.

NSA/GCHQ - The New Praetorians and the New Cold War

© After Banksy
In a democracy rule is by consent. In a dictatorship it is by control.

Which do we have in the West? It seems to me, it is no longer clear. We certainly still have the rituals of rule by consent. But behind the elected front men and women is a shadow state. It's people ritually swear allegiance to those we elect. They declare themselves there to serve and protect. But when it is us they spend their time spying on, whose interests are they protecting? Can you really serve those you do not trust?

In 2008 we discovered that behind the banking system we knew about, there was a vast shadow banking system whose size most of us never suspected. In 2013 we have glimpsed not only the scale of the shadow state but the degree to which it, like the shadow banking system, is out of control and not working for us at all.

Of course Mr Obama and the 'security chiefs', brought blinking into the unwelcome light, justify themselves by telling us that all those things they never saw fit to mention to us, or even to the people we spend so much time electing, have been saving us from un-named terrors. Are we to take such unverifiable assurances at face value from people who we know do not trust us and who make a profession of lying to us? I remember when Treasury Secretary Paulson told the US Congress that unless they stopped asking questions and simply handed him $600 billion to bail out the shadow banking system, there would be anarchy and tanks on the streets. Am I wrong to see a parallel?

President Truman: 'Limit CIA role to intelligence gathering'

Independence, Missouri - I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency - CIA. At least, I would like to submit here the original reason why I thought it necessary to organize this Agency during my Administration, what I expected it to do and how it was to operate as an arm of the President.

I think it is fairly obvious that by and large a President's performance in office is as effective as the information he has and the information he gets. That is to say, that assuming the President himself possesses a knowledge of our history, a sensitive understanding of our institutions, and an insight into the needs and aspirations of the people, he needs to have available to him the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information on what is going on everywhere in the world, and particularly of the trends and developments in all the danger spots in the contest between East and West. This is an immense task and requires a special kind of an intelligence facility.

Of course, every President has available to him all the information gathered by the many intelligence agencies already in existence. The Departments of State, Defense, Commerce, Interior and others are constantly engaged in extensive information gathering and have done excellent work.

Comment: That 'something' about the way the CIA has been functioning, and continues to function, is that it considers itself accountable only to private, corporate interests that lie above the State.

This op-ed by former President Harry Truman, timed as it was one month to the day following the assassination of another President who made it his mission to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds", was published in the morning edition of the Washington Post. It didn't make the later print runs. CIA officials pleaded with Truman to retract his op-ed, but he refused.

And so, like Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation outlining the dangers presented to a free and open society by the 'Military-Industrial Complex', and JFK's speech about the "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy", Truman's message stands as a warning to the American people: your government has been taken over by sinister psychopaths whose "subverting influence" is corrupting the nation, international relations, and the global common interest.

Star of David

Earth's alpha predator: Zionist Mafia

Actions trump lies. Evidence does not lie . . . so how has the American public been so brainwashed by lies, in light of so much evidence? Are Zionists that intelligent, or is the American public that unintelligent - and how did even that obvious question become a "third-rail issue"?

Totally uncool, our tradition of being outsmarted by Zionists even to the point of "Rothschilding" our descendants' future.

Is it possible for the American public to think their way out of Zionist enslavement . . . or is Gaza a preview of our future?

There certainly is genius behind creation of the terms, "conspiracy theory," and, "anti-Semitism." Mere concepts, these two seem among the highest human inventions in terms of neutralizing independent thought. Both terms are amazingly popular and effective; a function, perhaps, of both being technically meaningless - a reliable Zionist mind-control touch, confusion.
  • "conspiracy theory" was born to describe anything that questions official, establishment positions. Problem is, in the realm of establishment positioning, by definition, everything is conspiracy, putting the term conspiracy theory in the same league as "wet water"
  • "anti-Semitism" refers to Semites, "A member of any of a number of peoples including Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs" (Merriam-Webster). "Anti-Zionist" is a meaningful substitute for anti-Semitic - but watch that "third rail".
Che Guevara

Egypt, Brazil, Turkey: Without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites

From Egypt to Brazil, street action is driving change, but organisation is essential if it's not to be hijacked or disarmed

Two years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of protests and occupations across the world, mass demonstrations have returned to their crucible in Egypt. Just as millions braved brutal repression in 2011 to topple the western-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak, millions have now taken to the streets of Egyptian cities to demand the ousting of the country's first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

As in 2011, the opposition is a middle-class-dominated alliance of left and right. But this time the Islamists are on the other side while supporters of the Mubarak regime are in the thick of it. The police, who beat and killed protesters two years ago, this week stood aside as demonstrators torched Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood offices. And the army, which backed the dictatorship until the last moment before forming a junta in 2011, has now thrown its weight behind the opposition.

Whether its ultimatum to the president turns into a full-blown coup or a managed change of government, the army - lavishly funded and trained by the US government and in control of extensive commercial interests - is back in the saddle. And many self-proclaimed revolutionaries who previously denounced Morsi for kowtowing to the military are now cheering it on. On past experience, they'll come to regret it.

Comment: On the one hand, we're a little more pessimistic: the movement(s) have already been hijacked.

However, when protests really get going, in country after country, the elites' control could very well be washed away in the blink of an eye...

So there's hope yet!

Che Guevara

'We don't need U.S. embassy in Bolivia': Morales, UNASUR slam 'imperial' skyjack, demand apologies

© AFP Photo / Jorge Bernal
(L-R) Bolivia's Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, Bolivia's President Evo Morales (L) and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa listen to the Bolivian national anthem during a welcoming gathering in honour of Morales, in Cochabamba, on July 4, 2013
An emergency UNASUR meeting has demanded the governments of France, Portugal, Italy and Spain apologize for forcibly halting President Morales's plane in Austria due to suspicions Edward Snowden might have been aboard.

The Cochabamba Declaration issued at the summit also denounced "the flagrant violation of international treaties."

Tensions flared at the UNASUR summit in Bolivia, with the country's president Evo Morales saying that his "hand would not shake" if and when he "closes the US Embassy," following the forced stop of presidential plane in Austria.

Spain has spoken out in response, stating that it has no reason to apologize to Bolivia. "Spain doesn't have to ask pardon in anyway because its airspace was never closed," Reuters quoted Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo as saying.

Ahead of the summit, the Bolivian President has expressed appreciation for the support he has received so far from Latin American countries.

"Apologies from a country that did not let us pass over its territory are not enough," Morales said before talks in the central city of Cochabamba. "Some governments apologized, saying it was an error, but this was not an error."

'Morsi ousted with U.S. blessing'

From its inception the uprising against President Morsi was aided by the US, researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT. She argues that whoever succeeds the ousted Egyptian leader will likely be beholden to the forces that put him in power.

Morsi displacement is a military coup in the first place

RT: What do you think the future holds for Mohamed Morsi now?

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: I don't think Mohamed Morsi has any place to go to really. There might be a lot of jubilation that the military has removed him from office. President Morsi did make himself very unpopular not only inside Egypt but with his neighbors, the surrounding countries. But that being said, the implications are huge as he was democratically elected. And for the army to step in and remove him from office is a military coup and it is very hard for me to believe that the military would have taken this step without the blessing of the United States.

I know that the Americans said, President Obama said, that they would review aid to Egypt. But [US Secretary of Defense] Chuck Hagel had been on the phone with Egypt for two or three days. Egypt basically owes its military, owes its existence to the United States of America. This is not a step they would take without their blessings.

Mohamed Morsi may be out now, but his followers will not be and we'll only see an escalation of clashes, which is very unfortunate for the Egyptian people.
Bad Guys

Forcing down Bolivian president Evo Morales' plane was an act of air piracy

© Zuma/Rex Features
President Morales arrives back in La Paz, Bolivia. ‘Imagine the response from Paris if the French president's plane was forced down in Latin America.’
Denying the Bolivian president air space was a metaphor for the gangsterism that now rules the world

Imagine the aircraft of the President of France being forced down in Latin America on "suspicion" that it was carrying a political refugee to safety - and not just any refugee but someone who has provided the people of the world with proof of criminal activity on an epic scale.

Imagine the response from Paris, let alone the "international community", as the governments of the West call themselves. To a chorus of baying indignation from Whitehall to Washington, Brussels to Madrid, heroic special forces would be dispatched to rescue their leader and, as sport, smash up the source of such flagrant international gangsterism. Editorials would cheer them on, perhaps reminding readers that this kind of piracy was exhibited by the German Reich in the 1930s.

The forcing down of Bolivian President Evo Morales's plane - denied air space by France, Spain and Portugal, followed by his 14-hour confinement while Austrian officials demanded to "inspect" his aircraft for the "fugitive" Edward Snowden - was an act of air piracy and state terrorism. It was a metaphor for the gangsterism that now rules the world and the cowardice and hypocrisy of bystanders who dare not speak its name.

In Moscow for a summit of gas-producing nations, Morales had been asked about Snowden who remains trapped in Moscow airport. "If there were a request [for political asylum]," he said, "of course, we would be willing to debate and consider the idea." That was clearly enough provocation for the Godfather. "We have been in touch with a range of countries that had a chance of having Snowden land or travel through their country," said a US state department official.