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John Oliver takes you to church

© Doubtful News
Praise Legal and Loopholes.
U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.


Stairway to Heaven now a reality with this new firework!

In the early morning hours of June 15, a huge white balloon filled with 6,200 cubic meters of helium slowly ascended into the sky above Huiyu Island Harbour, Quanzhou, China. Attached to it was a 500-meter long ladder coated completely with quick burning fuses and gold fireworks that was then ignited by artist Cai Guo­-Qiang (previously) who has become known for his ambitious pyrotechnic artworks.


Swarm of birds form a Super Putin!

© Sheryl Gilbert
In Russia, Vladimir Putin's face is a common sight on television, newspapers, T-shirts, book covers and patriotic graffiti. So it was no wonder that a Russian TV channel, Zvezda ("Star"), claimed that Putin's face could be seen in the outlines of a swarm of birds flying above New York. Zvezda is known for its strictly patriotic views and is owned by the Russian Defense Ministry.


Soldiers forced to shout 'bang bang' during training because of ammunition shortages in the Dutch army


The government says problem has been caused by 'high consumption' and 'long delivery times'
Dutch soldiers are being forced to yell 'bang bang' during training because the country's army is suffering from an ammunition shortage.

Frustrated soldiers are making the noises after being told they would no longer be able to use live ammunition in training - because too many bullets have been used on missions abroad.

It has led to a drop in morale, the military union VNM has claimed.

President Jean Debie told De Standaard: 'Even if you have no bullets, you have to train with your weapon. That means you have to call out bang-bang-bang.

'That is of course disastrous for the morale of the military.'


The Feds really keep track of everything - Buzz Aldrin proves it

This may be the only exciting piece of government paperwork you'll ever read. Buzz Aldrin conquered Throwback Thursday forever last week when he shared his travel voucher from the Apollo 11 mission on Facebook and Twitter.
© Buzz Aldren
It's an unassuming document: a travel voucher for Col. Edwin E. Aldrin for a round trip originating in Houston, Texas. But the whole story of the most historic space mission to date is right there, listed matter-of-factly as a series of destinations in the right-hand column of the first page: Cape Kennedy, Florida; Moon; Pacific Ocean (USN Hornet); and Hawaii.


Red-winged blackbird rides on red-tailed hawk's back

© Mike White
"Hitching a Ride."
The U.S. Department of the Interior shared a photo from a wildlife refuge showing a red-winged blackbird hitching a ride on the back of a red-tailed hawk.

The photo, which was shared by the department on Facebook and Instagram, was snapped by eagle-eyed photographer Mike White at the DeSoto and Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska and Iowa.

"We occasionally see territorial blackbirds (among others) dive-bombing raptors, but this is definitely something you don't see every day," the department said.

White's photo was titled "Hitching a Ride."


Bernie Sanders clearly in pocket of high-rolling teacher who donated $300 to his campaign

© The Onion
Burlington, Vermont — After accepting a check sent to his campaign office by a local elementary school teacher, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was roundly criticized Monday as being firmly in the pocket of the high-rolling educator who had donated $300.

"He might have the reputation of being the people's candidate, but when your candidacy is effectively bankrolled by the multi-hundred-dollar donation of a fourth-grade teacher, it's clear who's really pulling the strings," said political analyst Peter Mathews, who noted that when a check arrives with a handwritten note that says "Behind you 100 percent, Bernie!" it comes with certain expectations.

"He's already spouting off talking points about supporting unions and increasing funding for education. Where do you think he got those ideas? He might think he's not influenced by that money, but when someone has deep enough pockets to drop $300, you pick up the phone when they call."

Mathews went on to say he wouldn't be surprised if Sanders' strong support for a living wage could be directly traced to the fat $20 contribution he got from a fast-food worker.


Jon Stewart: Elvis and Area 51 alien also attended his secret White House meeting with Obama

Jon Stewart finally came clean about those meetings with President Obama at the White House that had the media's undies in a bunch this week, confessing Elvis and the Area 51 alien also were among those present, and they took turns shagging a replica of the eye socket of Ronald Reagan - because the real eye socket is kept at the Smithsonian can only be shagged on Christmas.

At the meeting, "We spent about five to seven minutes with Obama kind of scolding me not to turn young America cynical," Stewart told viewers on last night's The Daily Show. Then I spent about five to seven minutes explaining to him I'm actually skeptically idealistic. And then we spent about 45 minutes arguing about: 'Really, the VA can't be fixed any quicker? Or can't come online with out crashing my son's Minecraft game?' And the whole things takes place over some of the truly best salmon you have ever had."

Comment: No wonder some consider Jon Stewart the Nightly Show's senior "Don't Give A Shit Any More" correspondent.

Black Cat 2

Domesticated cat plays with and feeds adopted baby lynx after its own mother rejected it


Motherly love! The cat had recently given birth to kittens and adopted the little lynx as a part of her own brood
A domesticated cat has adopted a baby lynx after its own mother refused to feed it.

A worker at the Novosibirsk Zoo in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia, noticed that the young lynx Nika was not being correctly cared for by its mother.

The lynx had refused to feed the cub because it was the runt of the litter and the zoo needed to find an innovative solution for the problem.

An employee at the zoo then decided that she would bring her cat into work with her to act as a surrogate mother.

Her cat had recently given birth to kittens and it was hoped that the feline would adopt the little lynx as a part of her own brood.


Ponies swim channel from Assateague to Chincoteague Island, 90th annual event

© Alex Wong/ Getty Images
Hundreds of spectators gathered yesterday to watch the 90th annual Chincoteague pony swim. For those of you who haven't read Misty of Chincoteague in a while, here's a refresher on why the ponies swim the channel from Assateague to Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia every year.