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Racism crops up when political cartoonist mixes watermelon-flavored toothpaste and Obama

© Jerry Holbert/Boston Herald
The cartoon was changed to 'raspberry-flavored' to avoid any racial sensitivities
A political cartoon published in Wednesday's Boston Herald is being criticized for its use of racist stereotypes, Mashable reports.

The cartoon, by Jerry Holbert, referenced the incident in which Omar Gonzalez, an Army veteran, scaled the White House fence and overpowered a Secret Service agent in order to gain access to the White House - as well as the Secret Service's later admission that, as Holbert put it, the "White House invader got farther than originally thought."

In the cartoon, a man is seen bathing in President Barack Obama's bathtub, and he asks the president whether he's tried "watermelon-flavored toothpaste." Herald readers who saw the cartoon were quick to complain:
This cartoon in today's @bostonherald is racist and offensive. The Herald should

- Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) October 1, 2014
Snakes in Suits

David Cameron: IS evil - Channel 4 inadvertently accurate in Twitter slip

David Cameron (the one on the right) with like-minded being.
The official Twitter account for Channel 4 news slipped up and appeared to call David Cameron evil.

Although they were trying to say David Cameron had called IS evil, the way they presented it left it open to interpretation.

Channel 4 were reporting on the Conservative Party Conference that is currently being held in Birmingham.

David Cameron was delivering his speech which used NHS spending promises as one of it's most important pledges.

The slip was quickly picked up on by Twitter users rushing to agree with Channel 4's mistake.
War Whore

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones

The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama. It's widely accepted and extremely terrifying.

German satire: The information war for Ukraine

At least some Germans can see through the propaganda!


'But, tell us how you really feel . . .'

A message to the US, EU, and UK... with love from Crimeans.

Cell Phone

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5


Russian groomers turn ordinary animals into fantastical creatures: Dragon-cats and bee-dogs

An emerald green cat with a dragon tail and a yellow-black dog which looks like a bee... It's not a scene from a futuristic movie, but an animal salon in southern Russia, where groomers turned a cat into a scary dragon and a dog into a buzzing bee.

The groomers from the southern Russian city of Yekaterinburg, in the Urals, decided to stage a beauty contest among their clients.
bee dog
© Ruptly screenshot
"We decided to make a bright summer, pretty dog. That's why we decided to color it as a bee. It's a bright image," says Ekaterina Aidimirova, a groomer and the owner of Pchyolka, a bee-dog. Ekaterina thinks that the dog with its smooth fur really looks like a bee.
dragon cat
© Ruptly screenshot
Vasya, a Siberian cat with grey fur was transformed into a savage dragon at the hands of creative groomers. His skin became emerald-green and his tale was shaved and colored like a dragon's tail.
Mr. Potato

David Cameron To Scottish People ahead of their referendum: 'I'll Kill Myself If You Leave'

In an emotional public address this morning ahead of Thursday's national referendum in Scotland, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron pleaded with the Scottish people to stay and vowed that he would take his own life if the territory votes in favor of independence. "Scotland, the second you leave I will kill myself - I swear I'll do it," said a visibly disheveled Cameron, who spoke with a shaking voice and appeared at several points during the speech as if he was on the verge of breaking down in tears. "How can I go on living if you're gone? If you vote yes to independence, that's it - you can say goodbye to me right now, because I'll be dead the next time you see me. Just look at what you're doing to me!" At press time, Cameron was seen sobbing softly and climbing up the stairs to the top of Parliament's Elizabeth Tower.
Treasure Chest

Social network for Richie Rich begins accepting members for $9,000 apiece

Consider this hypothetical situation: You, a wealthy socialite, want to make friends over the internet, but without encountering any of the riff-raff that hangs out on traditional social networking sites. What do you do?

If you're former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra conductor James Touchi-Peters, then you would have resolved this dilemma by launching Netropolitan - an "online country club for people with more money than time."

And for everyone else "Seeking a place to talk about fine wine, fancy cars and lucrative business decisions without judgment," then Touchi-Peters' new project may be the perfect place - his social networking site began accepting members on Tuesday this week. In order to get involved, however, you'll first have to write a $9,000 check for membership in the web's newest, and likely most exclusive, online club.

"James and others have mentioned feeling judged for talking about certain topics on other social media outlets. Like they were bragging and met with a little ill will," messaging specialist Michelle Lawless at Media Minefield told the Los Angeles Times this week. "Netropolitan is designed to be the place to talk about your last European vacation or new car without the backlash."

"I saw a need for an environment where you could talk about the finer things in life without backlash -- an environment where people could share similar likes and experiences," Touchi-Peters, 48, explained to CNN recently. "This is 100 percent real, and I believe there is a need and an audience for this service."

Comment: On that note...


Nessie photographed in English Lake District

Original picture: With the creature in the distance.
It seems that it is not just high-street banks, or hardcore unionists, who are looking for the exit door in Scotland should the country vote yes next week. A photograph has emerged, purporting to show the Loch Ness Monster swimming in Lake Windermere - in the English Lake District.

Scotland's most famous monster was captured accidentally by a photographer who had set their tripod up at the beauty spot in Cumbria, some way south of the border. A creature appearing to resemble the reptilian 'Nessie', with her arched back and long neck, can be clearly seen in the distance. It was taken more than 300 miles from Nessie's mythical, eponymous home.

This week, banks RBS, Clyesdale, TSB and Lloyds both announced they would move their Scottish operations to England following a Yes vote next Thursday. Standard Life has also said it will move some operations from Scotland in the event that the country secedes.