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Sun, 14 Feb 2016
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The daily life of Darth Vader

I finished my personal 365 project few weeks ago and almost immediately I decided to start another one. A daily life of Darth Vader portraying the Sith Lord as just a normal guy with everyday life problems.

This is an ongoing project, updated with one new photo every day. I plan to continue until the Episode VII premiere. And if I get really hooked up, for a whole year. That would be a hell of achievement.

As for the gear, I'm using a mirrorless Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark I with few M.Zuiko lenses and a cheap, amateur strobe. I'm not a professional photographer. Just an amateur with a will to learn and improve. The photos below are all selfies.

© Paweł Kadysz
Damn! Forgot half the stuff I was supposed to buy


The G20 cats who came in from the cold

The trio of cats that evaded tight security at last weekend's G20 Summit in Turkey brought some levity to the otherwise very serious event concerning the global economy. But animals have actually been used in the past for strategic gains.

The cats in this case came and went, as did leaders like President Obama and President Vladimir Putin, yet they clearly got through security, revealing holes in efforts meant to keep the event fully threat-free.

Comment: Could they have smelled a rat? Putin outed ISIS's G20 financiers — But not a single western media outlet has reported it [link]

© www.nextgov.com


Johns Hopkins awards honorary Masters Degree to guide dog who sat through all of owners classes

Johns Hopkins University issued an Honorary Masters Degree to Kirsch a guide dog who faithfully attended all the classes with his owner Carlos Mora who received a Masters of Science in Counseling. The dog was appropriately dressed for the graduation ceremony.

During the Graduation as the pair received their degrees the university read this statement


True story: 'Pastafarian' Lindsay Miller allowed to wear colander on head in driving licence photo

A woman has persuaded authorities to forgo strict parameters on passport photos and driving licenses, by convincing them to let her wear a colander on her head in her driving license photo.

Lindsay Miller convinced officials to look past rules that normally stop people from smiling, wearing sunglasses or donning head gear in their official image, on the basis of her stated religion.


Light Saber

Brazilian baby boy bites venomous snake to death

© Flickr/ Christopher Borges
A 17-month-old Brazilian toddler killed a venomous snake that slithered near him, according to the Gaucha radio station.

The young boy, named Lorenzo, might just be a real-life Hercules after biting a venomous viper to death.

The killer snake approached Lorenzo while he was playing the back garden of his parents' house in the town of Mostardas in Rio Grande do Sul State in the southern Brazil.

Comment: Now there's a twist!


The great Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister Test: did he kneel in front of Her Majesty?

© Steve Bell

Corbyn wants to stop wars because he can't be bothered to bow when asked to respect those killed in them

Did he kneel? How can we know whether Jeremy Corbyn is fit to make decisions about interest rates and dealing with Isis unless we know whether he knelt in front of Her Majesty?

It looks as if he didn't - but even if he did, I bet he did it in an ungainly fashion, creaking down like someone looking under the settee to find the remote control while groaning 'ooh me back', because he's a traitor.

If he was a real Englishman he'd have glided to the ground and begged the Queen's forgiveness for not being able to get any lower, then sawed through the floorboards so he could crawl under the joists and live behind a cobweb for a month to demonstrate how unworthy he was to be on the same level as the monarch.

Any potential Prime Minister must, after all, be capable of meeting the challenges of the modern world: following etiquette such as lightly brushing the hairs of his forearm across the left knee of the Queen while kissing her right buttock with his lower lip, then dragging a thistle across her neck and whistling into a cheese grater with his toenail clippings wrapped in an order of the garter dipped in stag droppings and signed by Princess Anne. It proves he takes Britain seriously.

Comment: The demonization of Jeremy Corbyn continues. Yet there was hardly any fuss from the British media after Downing Street admitted photoshopping a poppy onto David Cameron Facebook profile picture.

Alarm Clock

Meet the 'wake up' machine

© Simone Giertz via YouTube
Simone Giertz describes herself as a professional maker and robotics enthusiast. She also acknowledges a special expertise in crummy robots. Her latest project is the stuff nightmares are made of. It's a mechanized alarm clock that uses a fake arm to smack the sleeper awake.

The Wake-Up Machine is a DIY wall-mounted robot that you position above your head. When the alarm goes off, a rubber arm whips around, slapping you until you get up and get out of the way.

Giertz posted a video on November 11 that follows along with the build process. There's enough information there to get you started on making a robo-alarm of your very own if you already have some maker tendencies.

Christmas Lights

Stephen Colbert wants to give angry Christians the Starbucks cup they deserve

The controversy over Starbucks's red cups
is a symptom of pure, unfiltered American outrage. And it was only a matter of time before it caught the eye of Stephen Colbert. During Wednesday night's Late Show, Colbert — in a segment that echoed the satirical sentiments of his late Comedy Central series — pointed out just how ridiculous the entire controversy is.


Another one rides the bus, with a passion

Well-known in transit circles, Darius McCollum has been arrested nearly 30 times already for theft of a Trailways bus, impersonating a subway operator, and driving a subway car from 34th Street to the World Trade Center when he was 15.

He was arrested by police again on Wednesday, this time for stealing a Greyhound bus and driving it around Brooklyn.

Police spotted the bus with no passengers traveling down a Brooklyn street, stopped it, arrested McCollum and took him into custody for questioning. The bus had been taken from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan

Comment: With such talent, wouldn't it be a win for everyone if they just found a way to give him a job?

Suggestions from his parents and autism advocates that the MTA find a way to hire McCollum in some capacity, in the manner of Frank Abagnale, are rejected by transit officials, who fear legal liability and anti-disability stigma.


Woman's engagement ring found in sewer after being flushed down the toilet

The ring that was accidentally flushed
It's one of our worst fears: flushing something valuable down the toilet. A California bride-to-be experienced this first-hand when she accidentally flushed her engagement ring.

"I started thinking right away that my jewelry was gone for good," the bride, Carissa Wolter of Jurupa Valley, Calif., told ABC News. "My ring is everything to me, how could I even do that? I was so mad at myself and disappointed."