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H.R. 758 anti-Russia law: An historic decision and a total news blackout

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America is on a war footing. While, a World War Three Scenario has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than ten years, military action against Russia is now contemplated at an "operational level". Similarly, both the Senate and the House have introduced enabling legislation which provides legitimacy to the conduct of a war against Russia.

We are not dealing with a "Cold War". None of the safeguards of the Cold War era prevail.

There has been a breakdown in East-West diplomacy coupled with extensive war propaganda. In turn the United Nations has turned a blind eye to extensive war crimes committed by the Western military alliance.

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EU idiots! Russia's cancellation of South Stream gas pipeline is biggest economic sanction yet

Comment: Must-read analysis on the recent South Stream developments involving Russia, the EU and Turkey, by Alexander Mercouris. For more details, don't miss SOTT's coverage here: EU losers! Russia scraps South Stream pipeline project, announces major alternative gas deal - Did Putin just poach Turkey?

The reaction to the cancellation of the Sound Stream project has been a wonder to behold and needs to be explained very carefully.
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The EU always wanted Russian resources to be privatized and controlled by Western corporations. Putin put a stopper to that dream and took the interests of his people seriously.
In order to understand what has happened it is first necessary to go back to the way Russian-European relations were developing in the 1990s.

Briefly, at that period, the assumption was that Russia would become the great supplier of energy and raw materials to Europe. This was the period of Europe's great "rush for gas" as the Europeans looked forward to unlimited and unending Russian supplies. It was the increase in the role of Russian gas in the European energy mix which made it possible for Europe to run down its coal industry and cut its carbon emissions and bully and lecture everyone else to do the same.

However the Europeans did not envisage that Russia would just supply them with energy. Rather they always supposed this energy would be extracted for them in Russia by Western energy companies. This after all is the pattern in most of the developing world. The EU calls this "energy security" - a euphemism for the extraction of energy in other countries by its own companies under its own control.

It never happened that way. Though the Russian oil industry was privatised it mostly remained in Russian hands. After Putin came to power in 2000 the trend towards privatisation in the oil industry was reversed. One of the major reasons for western anger at the arrest of Khodorkovsky and the closure of Yukos and the transfer of its assets to the state oil company Rosneft was precisely because it reversed this trend of privatisation in the oil industry.

Comment: It is easy to see why Putin has been so demonized in the West, as he acted for the interests of the people of Russia rather than the European/US bankers and corporations.

Comment: Bam! Once again, Moscow transmutes Europe's blustering machismo into a win for Russia and a defeat for the EU. They really should get it by now: you can't bluff with Russia when everyone KNOWS she has a better hand. You just end up looking like the arrogant, ignorant sycophants you really are, completely divorced from objective reality. You know it, and your people know it. And you'll get what you deserve: ridicule and obsolescence.

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The World according to Putin

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin's incredible poll numbers tell him he has the support of the public for the policy agenda he chooses. This makes both Putin and Russia feel confident.

For years Putin has made it abundantly clear in his speeches Russia is not happy with the global status quo. His address to the Federation Council this week is evidence of this. As far as Putin is concerned, the entire international system is rigged to Washington's advantage. The very existence of the U.S. dollar ensures Washington and its closest allies will never allow a fair playing field. That said, Putin is not eager to see the current global system collapse. He wants more political equality, but he also knows Russia and other emerging powers face punishment for challenging and breaking with the Washington designed global consensus.
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#STLPDApologies - St. Louis Rams players support anti-police brutality protesters with pre-game #HandsUpDontShoot gesture

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Five NFL players of the St. Louis Rams made the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture before a Sunday game against the Oakland Raiders in a show of support for nearby Ferguson and other cities across the US, where people have been protesting against the grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

The Rams players have been both praised and severely criticized for the gesture, which also sparked intense debate on social media.

Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Kenny Britt, Jared Cook and Chris Givens were the ones who raised their hands during pregame introductions. Protesters frustrated over police brutality and unfair sentencing, disproportionately affecting ethnic and racial minorities in the US, have used the gesture since Wilson, a white police officer, killed Michael Brown in August. According to some claims, the African-American teenager raised his hands in a sign of surrender before he was fatally shot. Others say Brown charged at the officer instead.

Comment: Check out RT's Ben Swann explaining why the St. Louis police association's "demand" that the NFL "punish" these players for "inflammatory actions" because they "are perpetuating a disproven narrative" was based on a lie:

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#HandsUpWalkOut rallies spread across U.S. in wake of rigged Ferguson decision

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Thousands of people across the United States walked out of work and classrooms for a nationwide day of action dubbed 'Hands Up, Walk Out!' The protest comes after a grand jury declined to indict an officer for killing a black teenager.

The organizers - driven primarily by young people - spread the word online via the hashtag #HandsUpWalkOut, asking people to walk out in solidarity with those affected by police violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country.

The walkouts occurred simultaneously at 12 p.m. CST and referenced the 'Hands Up! Don't Shoot!' chant that has been used as a rallying cry all over the US ever since African American teenager Michael Brown, 18, was fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9.

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Prosecutor in Ferguson case deliberately misled jurors to ensure Wilson acquittal

Mike Brown, lynched by the KKK in Blue.
The so-called "prosecutor" in the Ferguson shooting Grand Jury deliberately fooled the jurors into believing that Wilson could legally shoot Brown as he ran away.

She did so by using a Missouri law that was ruled unconstitutional by the US supreme court in 1985. She further tried to confuse the jurors by not telling them clearly that US supreme court law overruled Missouri state law.

Ask yourself, why would she go to such lengths? Obviously, because the facts of the case show that Wilson shot the unarmed Brown dead as he was running away from Wilson.

Social justice in psychopath-ruled USA


Psychos say: 'Submit, Amerika!' Michael Brown was killed because he didn't prostrate himself to police authority

Did you support Wilson? You're gonna love what's coming next
What's wrong with Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's killing of the unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, Michael Brown, and with a Grand Jury decision not to indict him for that outrageous slaying, is what is wrong with American law enforcement and American "justice" in general.

Both actions were permeated not only with racism, which clearly played a huge rule in both the verdict rendered by a Grand Jury composed of nine whites and only three blacks, and in this tragic police killing by a white cop of a black child, but also by a mentality on the part of police - and apparently by at least a majority of the citizen jurors on a panel evaluating Wilson's actions - that cops are authorities who must be obeyed without question, on pain of death.

Let's recall the most crucial evidence in this killing: According to the New York Times it was two shots into the top of the head by Officer Wilson that killed Brown - shots that multiple witnesses confirm were fired after the unarmed Brown was on his knees, already seriously wounded by four other apparently non-lethal shots to arm, neck and upper right chest, with his hands raised and pleading "Don't shoot." The Times also reports that those shots, apparently fired when Brown's head was leaning forward, or from a position above him, appeared to have been fired "not from close range," a determination based upon an absence of gun powder residue around the area of the entry wounds.

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German broadcaster: ISIS supply lines originate in NATO's Turkey

isis turkey
Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) published a video report of immense implications - possibly the first national broadcaster in the West to admit that the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS) is supplied not by "black market oil" or "hostage ransoms" but billions of dollars worth of supplies carried into Syria across NATO member Turkey's borders via hundreds of trucks a day.

The report titled, "'IS' supply channels through Turkey," confirms what has been reported by geopolitical analysts since at least as early as 2011 - that NATO member Turkey has allowed a torrent in supplies, fighters, and weapons to cross its borders unopposed to resupply ISIS positions inside of Syria.

Comment: See: American-Lebanese PressTV reporter Serena Shim was murdered for what she saw and knew about ISIS using NGO vehicles to cross the border from Turkey into Syria. What she knew was probably just the tip of the iceberg.


Ferguson: Darren Wilson's pathetic testimony sounded like the spewings of a paranoid white supremacist

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This photo, provided by the St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office, shows Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson shortly after his encounter with Michael Brown. A grand jury declined Monday to charge Wilson with killing 18-year-old Brown.

If you have not yet read Darren Wilson's testimony to the Ferguson grand jury which decided that he would suffer no ill consequences for his decision to kill Michael Brown, please do so.

Wilson's description of the events on the day that he decided to shoot and kill an unarmed person cannot be adequately relayed to you by a second party.

The absurd, unfathomable, and fantastical story which Wilson spun out of the whole cloth in order to justify killing an unarmed black teenager combines the deepest and ugliest white supremacist stereotypes and fantasies about black folks' humanity such as the negro fiend", "black beast", and "giant negro",with white racist paranoiac thinking, and dialogue from blaxploitation movies.

Darren Wilson's grand jury testimony purports to be an accurate description of his encounter with Michael Brown. In reality, it is closer to an amateurish summer stock theater production of the movie Birth of the Nation as performed by the KKK and/or Neo-Nazis.

After submitting a blank police report that provided no substantive information, Darren Wilson was trained by attorneys from the police union (a common procedure when police kill civilians), and had many weeks to prepare his grand jury testimony.

During that time, Wilson was privy to the narrative and witness testimony that he would be confronted by in court.

Wilson was also aided by a prosecutor who was not at all interested in finding sufficient probable cause to proceed with a proper trial for the latter's decision to kill Michael Brown.

Comment: Institutionalized racism can now be seen for what it is, yet again:

Nationwide protests against police brutality in AmeriKKKa: Wilson gets away with murder, Anonymous: #HoodsOff "The war is on!"


Pepe Escobar: Washington plays Russian roulette

Mutually assured destruction
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These are bleak times. I've been in serious conversation with some deep sources and interlocutors - those who know but don't need to show off, privileging discretion. They are all deeply worried. This is what one of them, a New York strategic planner, sent me:
The propaganda attack against Putin equating him with Hitler is so extreme that you have to think that the Russians cannot believe their ears and cannot trust the United States anymore under any circumstances.

I cannot believe how we could have gotten ourselves into this situation to protect the looters in the Ukraine that Putin would have rid the Ukraine of, and even had the gall to place in a leadership role one of the worst of the thieves. But that is history. What is certain is that MAD [mutually assured destruction] is not a deterrent today when both sides believe the other will use nuclear weapons once they have the advantage and that the side that gains a decisive advantage will use them. MAD is now over.
That may sound somewhat extreme - but it's a perfectly logical extension, further on down the road, of what the Russian president intimated in his already legendary interview with Germany's ARD in Vladivostok last week: the West is provoking Russia into a new Cold War. [1]

Comment: To have a look at NATO's global military bases, watch this video from 2011: