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US: As Dolphins Die, Gulf Residents Ask What About Us?

dead dolphin
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Willie Seaman of Irvington, AL, lays carpet and floors for a living. But last summer, as the BP well gushed thousands of barrels of oil daily into the Gulf, Seaman signed up with the BP cleanup program, working on a shrimp boat several miles off shore.

It was brutally hot and the smell of oil was putrid, Seaman remembers. His job was to use a net to try to pull in the thick, reddish BP crude that he says was up to a foot thick in places. Problem was, the white protective suits didn't do much to keep the oil off, Willie recalls. Instead, he says they acted like absorbent pads, soaking up the oil that would rub against his skin.

Seaman says before long he started breaking out in blistery red hives on his hands and feet. The itching was so bad a coworker said Seaman would scrub his feet with a wire brush until his skin sloughed off like scales of a fish. Despite shots of steroids and numerous doctor visits, Seaman endured countless bouts of painful hives; and he still gets them, he says, especially after eating seafood from the Gulf. He also says he knows others who have broken out in hives after eating seafood.

"They took advantage of everyone down here because we were all poor and broke," he says. "They told us in hazwhoper class that we didn't have to worry about the toxins because the oil was weathered and there were no fumes. We'll it was so bad my eyes were on fire and I had tears running down my throat."
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10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History

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'Liberty Groped'

Good and evil doesn't have a grey zone. Killing and stealing is bad. Violence is never "good" or necessary unless it is used to defend against killers and thieves. Indeed, that is the morality behind the "just war" principle as defined by international laws and treaties.

Yet, this simple concept of right and wrong gets muddled by differing ideas about religion, patriotism, economics and many other divisions. The "just war" rule has crumbled under the ambitions of empires throughout history. The American-led Anglo Saxon empire is no different.

This empire has been brutally conquering and colonizing territory since the fall of Rome. However, it has only gained an American face in the last century. The United States quickly emerged as the world's "superpower" primarily through its economic might. For some time, many believed the U.S. to be a shining example of economic freedom for other nations to emulate. Indeed, America was eager to promote "economic freedom" globally to open new markets for U.S.-based corporations.

When foreign leaders refused to allow these corporate interests into their country, those leaders were replaced through a variety of covert actions. The form of government that would be installed did not matter to the empire makers so long as the corporate interests were served. In most cases these nations simply surrendered to the seemingly unlimited power of the almighty dollar, thus camouflaging the traditional method of forceful empire building.
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Psychopathy Traits in Children Becoming 'Alarmingly Familiar' to More Parents

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Psychopathy is a complex term that is used mostly by researchers to describe antisocial behavior that is impulsive, aggressive, deceitful and with a desire to break all the rules.

More and more, these characteristics are appearing to be "alarmingly familiar" to some parents -- the teen who bullies other children and shows cruelty to animals, never showing a shred of empathy. This is an extremely relevant concern, especially in today's society, where questions are being raised regarding whether to take legal action against bullies, and what are the most effective methods of preventing bullying in schools and over the cybersphere.

Though it would be comforting to assure parents that this behavior is not their fault, unfortunately psychiatric experts say that psychopathy affects three to six percent of the population and is genetically based.
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Fury Rages Over Rape Case in Turkey

Minister Şahin calls the reduction ruling in a rape case unacceptable.
Government ministers and deputies from opposition parties all joined an outcry regarding a court decision that lowers the sentence for 26 suspects who were tried for allegedly raping a 13 year old girl. Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin called the ruling 'unacceptable and worrying,' in a written statement.

Government ministers and opposition members have joined an outcry over a verdict by the Supreme Court of Appeals that ruled the 13-year-old victim in an alleged rape case had consented to sex with 26 suspects.

Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin called the ruling "unacceptable and worrying," in a written statement issued Tuesday after the Supreme Court of Appeals recently upheld the ruling of a local court in the southeastern province of Mardin to sentence the suspects to the minimum penalty.

"A child's consent is not looked after [when investigating a criminal] act committed against a minor who is categorized as being incapable of understanding the meaning and consequences of the deed [in question]," Şahin said.

The victim, identified only by her initials N.Ç., met the female suspects T. and E., also identified only by their initials, in 2002, after which time the two women facilitated the victim's having intercourse with 26 individuals in exchange for money.

"A judiciary that is incapable of upholding the rights of a 13-year-old child entertains no capacity whatsoever to uphold the Constitution," wrote Education Minister Ömer Çelik on Twitter on Tuesday.

Comment: If you are outraged by this case, please read and sign this petition and share it far and wide.

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Unmasking Media Lies: Why BBC's V-for-Vendetta Mask Piece is Fawked Up

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!

V for Vendetta may be the most revolutionary film ever made, but don't expect the BBC to tell you that.

"V for Vendetta masks: Who's behind them?" the BBC recently asked.

They published a couple of vague, misleading answers.

The BBC quotes David Lloyd:
"'My feeling is the Anonymous group needed an all-purpose image to hide their identity and also symbolise that they stand for individualism - V for Vendetta is a story about one person against the system...' "

"...It is that image of collective identification and simultaneous anonymity that is appealing to Anonymous and other groups, says Rich Johnston, a commentator on the world of comics."
Blathering about individual vs. collective, the lure of anonymity, etc., without grounding the interpretation in specifics from the film is the worst possible way to answer the question. As a literature teacher - I have four advanced degrees in literature and have taught everything from Chaucer to Hausa Literature to Philip K. Dick - I would award a D at best to any student who offered such a lame interpretation of a story's central symbol.
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30,000 people shut down 5th largest US port as Oakland, California goes on general strike

Police in Oakland use teargas on three separate occasions as tensions flare after protesters occupied building during protest

Police used teargas and non-lethal weapons to control Occupy Oakland protesters overnight after a general strike had effectively shut down the city's port and downtown areas.

There were three separate instances of police using teargas, all near to the Occupy camp, as tensions erupted when protesters occupied a disused building.

Earlier a thousands-strong march had closed down Oakland's port after a day of striking had seen streets closed in downtown and some banks damaged.

Police first used teargas on Broadway at 12.30am, following a day which had actually seen a light police presence.

Officers arrived on the street - the scene of the police clearout of Occupy Oakland on Tuesday 25 October which left Scott Olsen seriously injured - after protesters occupied a disused building on 16th Street.

Comment: Black Bloc Provocateurs Vandalize Property During Occupy Oakland's General Strike

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Alien Genetic Takeover: The End of Humanity

Comment: AJ's right; who needs aliens when we've got psychopathic globalists, predators who have taken over and infected everything from the microscopic to the societal level.

What is the surest and safest way we can fight back against 'The Thing' and its psychopathic control grid with a stranglehold on our lives and indeed the very future of the entire biosphere? Warning others of the danger and sharing knowledge with them is a good place to start. We can't stop the wars and the general madness the Powers That Be target us with day after day, but we can begin to assert control over our own lives and acquire the energy needed to inspire and help others to lead by example.

Our answer may surprise you (it certainly surprised us when we realised we had stepped on a sore toe): the resistance begins with diet! What 'The Thing' appears to have spent all this time doing is to wear humanity down physically, mentally, emotionally and indeed spiritually, by totally corrupting the food chain to the point that no one knows what they're eating, where it came from and what it's doing to them and their ability to live free. By applying counter-measures which can readily be implemented in our daily lives to kickstart our detox systems and bring our immune systems back online and make them as robust as they can be, we can withstand the predatorial advances of 'The Thing'.

That's right, eating meat and saturated fats, cutting out ALL gluten, most dairy (especially milk, although our research and experimentation has found some leeway for individual tolerances to butter and eggs), most plant foods and sugars - essentially, a diet that is very low in carbohydrates and high in animal fats - are some of the things we could do to hit 'The Thing' right where it hurts. It doesn't want healthy, optimally-fuelled people who are propaganda-resistant, can think and choose for themselves and have energy to spare for helping others in need.

For a more in depth look at the Paleo diet and additional research on the connections between nutrition and mental and physical health, you can read the following articles:

Have you heard about the Paleo diet?
Paleo Diet: Smart Eating or Latest Fad?
Should You Eat a Paleo-Diet for Health Like These Californians?
The Paleo Diet Cures PCOS
Primal mind: A talk on nutrition and mental health by Nora Gedgaudas

Mental health issues and cognitive challenges are nearly ubiquitous today. According to the work of respected nutritional pioneers such as Weston Price these same mental and brain health issues were nearly unheard of in many primitive and traditional societies consuming a diet consistent with that of our more distant evolutionary ancestors.

Modern research findings offer added understanding and a new layer to ancestral dietary principles that can lead us toward the promise of optimal brain functioning, emotional liberation and the cultivation of a potentially ageless mind. By applying many of these "Paleo" principles today and modifying them to our more modern circumstances we can re-cultivate and improve upon the healthy Primal Mind that is our birthright and the key to our future as a species.


Surprise, surprise! Global warming is over, says expert

global warming myth
It's one of the hottest feuds in science - climate chance zealots insist that we're still destroying the planet but now another scientist has warned the cast-iron evidence just isn't there.

For a minute there it seemed the global warming debate had finally been resolved.

While for years scientists and sceptics have raged against each other on the crucial topic, new research hailed "the most definitive study into temperature data gathered by weather stations over the past half-century" seemed to come to an authoritative conclusion.

Global warming IS real it said, strengthening the need for us all to reduce carbon emissions and boost efforts to try to save the planet.

And this research was headed by a physicist who had previously been a sceptic of global warming and an outspoken critic of the science underpinning it, lending the results even greater credibility.

Comment: If scientists were able to just look at the facts and accept them as they are, without allowing their - or somebody else's - biases and agendas to get in their way, there would not be any debates on whether a global warming is happening on the planet or not. The evidence speak for themselves, as we learn here at by observing and documenting what is actually happening on a daily basis.

For a clear picture of what is happening weather-wise, read also: Connecting the Dots: Cosmic Changes, Planetary Instability and Extreme Weather


Psychopaths in Academia: Report finds massive research fraud at Dutch universities

Investigation claims dozens of social-psychology papers contain faked data.

When colleagues called the work of Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel too good to be true, they meant it as a compliment. But a preliminary investigative report released on 31 October gives literal meaning to the phrase, detailing years of data manipulation and blatant fabrication by the prominent Tilburg University researcher.

"We have some 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals where we are actually sure that they are fake, and there are more to come," says Pim Levelt, chair of the committee that investigated Stapel's work at the university.

Stapel's eye-catching studies on aspects of social behaviour such as power and stereo­typing garnered wide press coverage. For example, in a recent Science paper (which the investigation has not identified as fraudulent), Stapel reported that untidy environments encouraged discrimination (Science 332, 251 - 253; 2011).
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US: Buddy can you spare a dime? One in three Americans has no spare cash

Global consumer confidence remained weak in the third quarter with more than 60 per cent of consumers saying it was not a good time to spend, and one-in-three Americans saying they have no spare cash, a new survey shows.

The economic outlook, followed by job security, became consumers' biggest concern in the third quarter, overtaking worries about rising inflation, according to the quarterly survey by global analytics and information company Nielsen.

The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index dipped just 1 point in the third quarter from the second quarter to 88 points, but it was shored up by a surge in confidence in emerging economies Brazil and Saudi Arabia, which masked weak confidence in major developed economies.