The countrymen of Carancas (Peru) saw a luminous object that produced a loud sound when it impacted. Apparently it was a meteorite that crashed near the border with Bolivia.

Some countrymen of Guaqui, La Paz, heard a loud noise that sounded like an explosion on Saturday afternoon. They alerted the Police who went to the zone of impact near the Peruvian territory.

Meteorite crater

Apparently it is a meteorite. Yesterday it was not seen because it was under muddy water and it emanated a strange odor. The object made a crater 10 meters in diameter, according to the police.

The Peruvian News Agency (Andina) and radio Pachamama reported on the object.

Andina informed that "a non-identified luminous object fell from the sky and made a crater 6 meters deep and 30 meters in diameter in the community of Carancas, near the border of Bolivia, said the Territorial Police of Puno".

At the site of impact, said the agency, there were unknown remains of "calcified" mass. The incident didn't affect anyone, but the sound and the explosion were of a great magnitude.

Radio Pachamama informed that the incident caused a lot of preoccupation among the countrymen because yesterday in the morning there was a strange odor emanating from the crater and the countrymen were afraid that it could harm their health.

The National Police of Peru sent a contingent to investigate the site; meanwhile the Regional Health of Puno confirmed that they will send a specialist to the site today or tomorrow.

Other countrymen said that this incident was the precedent to a further disgrace, mainly in the agrarian year, although this is part of the countrymen's beliefs.

Modesto Montoya, of the Academy of Sciences and ex president of the Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy, discarded the incidents of disease outbreaks. A lot of meteorites fall in Peru, he told to Andina.